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Hi all, so I just have a few questions about exercise and asthma if anyone can help.

I am on inhalers for my asthma and I'm pretty overweight so I want to loose about 4 stone to get me back down to healthier weight. How would it be to best proceed with cardio training with asthma? I am pretty unfit to be fair and I just want to make sure I do it the right way so I don't put myself of doing it.

Also if anyone knows how long until you start to notice improved fitness after starting doing cardio exercises that would be great.

Many thanks


I think it goes without saying that whatever exercise you do, you should start slowly and gradually increase the intensity over time once your body starts getting used to it. Also very important to take rest days off between exercise to let your body recover, eg exercise every other day or 2 days exercise 1 day off etc. But you should speak to your GP first for peace of mind.

Good luck!
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I too have asthma and been on lockdown etc.

I use Symbicort 200, the previous inhalers, browns, blues and symbicort 100 were not strong enough to allow me to exercise at all. Now I am fine, 123.7kg

I got myself a fitbit scales and a gym membership and started portion controlling my diet and rejecting some dietary options.

I started the process at 129kg, and weigh in once a week. Other than the gym I try to on long walks on my non-gym days.

Mainly I do cardio with a bit of weights in the gym.

Good luck

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