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Assistance with Finalizing Equipment


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Greetings all!

First post, but I am hoping to get some educated opinions on what direction to ultimately go with my setup.

New construction home with a dedicated theater room in the finished basement. Approximately 1200 sq/ft that has been pre-wired for 7.2.4 (Atmos) and projector.

What I am needing help on is the audio component side. Being new to HT, I only know what google and Youtube tell me and I had preliminary settled on the full suite Klipsch Reference Premier with their two large 15" subs that would be ran through a Denon 7200WA with an external amp to get all of the channels driven. I haven't found a place to really demo the speakers except for a meager setup at a Best Buy, but that's all I had access to at the time.

Fast forward to today when I had an appointment with a specialty dealer to get their take on it. For the same money budget ($10-15K), they had me listen to a 5.1 system of theirs with a pair of Sonus Faber Chameleon tower speakers at the corner stone with two tiny 8" REL subs. I don't remember the AV they were using, but the LCR channels sounded really clean. I didn't really feel any presence from the subs so I'm not sure what was going on there, but I like to have some low frequency presence from a big sub. I left asking them to spec me a system for what I wanted, which includes the AVR or separates depending on what they come up with.

To the gurus out there, what would be a general direction you would go keeping in mind that this space will be use primarily for TV and movie watching? Are the Klipsch as good as I am hearing in the interwebz to the point that they would negate some of the more premium brands that I've never heard of?

Thanks in advance!


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When it comes to the world of hi fi/AV, pretty much all of the good brands will be ones you probably have never heard of before :)

Are you sure the room is 1200 sq feet (111 sq metres)???????????? if it is that is huge and you are going to need some big speakers as they have to move a lot of air

You have stated that your budget is $10 to 15k, but is that for everything or have you already got some stuff like a Projector and screen, TV, etc?

If it is for everything then how would you like to split your money on things, as for example you could easily spend that whole sum on just a projector (PJ)
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A properly set up sub should not be heard as such but should just extend the lower frequencies from the main speakers. So the Rel subs may well have been set up correctly and a bigger sub may not give you much more if also set up correctly. That said there is nothing stopping you turning the subs up to see if they produce a sound you are happier with.
When spending the kind of money you are I would not be going on reviews to guide my choice. Instead I would do as you have already done and go listen to them myself. We all have different preferences so what is good for me may not be for you. Hence go and listen to as many options as you can and pick the one that sounds best to you. If absolute sound quality is the main priority then it may be better to start with a 5.1 system and then add the other speakers later. This means you concentrate your budget on less but very high quality components. Again go demo this option to see if the improvement in sound quality is worth it.

Joe Fernand

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Dedicated Theatre and a Projector would suggested a fixed screen with the potential to go AT (acoustically transparent) which allows you to achieve perfect speaker placement.

I'm not convinced you require hand crafted, leather clad, custom color keyed side trim speakers in a Theatre Room (you won't be looking at the loudspeakers!).

Do you have a set of plans and as Lizard asks what is your budget to cover?


PS All recommendations will be at the top of your indicated budget :)


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Try and work out what type of sound you like as whilst I agree that the only way to know for sure is to hear different speakers, you would probably need a life time to hear them all :laugh:

By that I mean do you like a neutral sound, bright sound, strong mid or bass sound?

Once you know that you can start to narrow down the speakers to look at. If you don't know then arrange a demo with a dealer to compare speakers that are strong in those areas. Take a piece of music (or a section of a movie and listen in stereo) that you know well and listen to it over again on the different speakers to you find the type you like best.

As PSM1 said reviews can't really help you with this, for example monitor audio are highly rated but personally I can't stand them :( just because the reviewer liked them doesn't mean you will

However if i was going to buy any speaker "blind" then it would be something from B & W (Bowers & Wilkins) as i have never met a person yet who didn't like the sound of them. Doesn't mean they bought them though as another brand could easily offer a "better" sound to them. But with the money your spending you really shouldn't be buying anything blind

As to Klipsch, their not a make i know (which considering all the different makes out their means nothing) so cant pass judgement. They could be really good or really awful, only by hearing can you answer that question. I recently got some blucube speakers that people say the same things about on the web as you have said they are saying about Klipsch for my Atmos speakers. Big mistake (never buy blind if possible), theirs nothing wrong with them, but their 100% not the right speaker for me and you run the same risk.
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First off, thank you all for the quick responses!

Just to clarify a few parameters that the room is actually closer to 800 sq/ft, I was a bit hasty in looking at figures while also trying to finish up at the office so 1200 was my error. Also, the projector (Sony 350ES) and screen (SI Black Diamond) are not part of the 10-15K budget. The BD screen was used due to the fact that I will need some light rejection as that room will be used for other events besides movies from time to time so I hope I made the appropriate choice there, but I digress.

As far as my sound preferences, that has become more of a loaded question for me as I have been into car audio for much longer than home theater, which may be similar, but I am finding the differences in sound preference a big difference. My preference has evolved to the point where I really appreciate a crisp mid-range (800-3,000 hertz) and mid-bass (120-250 range, specifically). Bass is also important, but I find it most pleasing when it is smoothly rolled into the mid-bass. That does not mean that I don't like my bass to hit me in the chest like a sledgehammer when I want it to, though! I like it well balanced with the whole sound wave.

I do plan on demoing more makes/models, but at this point I only have a baseline of what I heard last night and what my car system can produce, which is admittedly not an apples to apples comparison, but it's what I have to go on and is a pretty good Sound Quality setup in my opinion.

As to the budget, the 10-15K is a target range that includes all components of the system minus what I have already described in the projector and screen. So, we are talking AVR or separates, miscellaneous stuff like speaker stands and racks for the control room and additional sound deadening needed. However, if I find a setup that I really love, I do not mind piecing it together over time to get the closest thing to "perfect" as I can practically get.


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Still a big room, you are going to need some big speakers to fill that space.

What car speakers do you currently have as lots of them also make AV speakers? Going by what you have said then the 3 i would recommend to try is B & W, PMC and Focal that would be strong in those areas, I am sure others will have suggestions or correct me if i'm wrong as its been a long time since i last try out speakers

If it helps I have hertz speakers in my van with pmc for the left and right at home, as I think the sound is simular to each other. Not the same, but close
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