Assisgnable Inputs?


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I'm looking to upgrade my reciever in the next few months, at the moment I have an old Sony Strdb-940 which only handles audio. The new reciever will have to handle video switching too. One of the avr's I was considering was the Onkyo 705, which has 3 component inputs and 3 hdmi inputs, however I've read that only 5 inputs are assignable. What exactly does this mean? Can I only have a maximum of 5 video inputs, even though there are 6+ connections on the avr?


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This is a common situation, each selectable input can have multiple possible input types (component, S-Video, Composite etc.) you just configure the amp to say which one is in use.

Net result is most amps these days have a lot more connections that they can ever use just to cater for all likely situations.


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Sky HD
Vinyl record deck

... and others ...

I still have one friend who uses a tape deck and a VCR as well.

Sure you can argue that you don't need a CD player as well as a DVD player but there are still plenty of people who prefer to use a dedicated CD player and you can't get rid of the DVD just because you have a PS3 if you have a multi-region DVD collection.

It isn't all that hard to go over 5 sources if you've been in the hi-fi game for a few years.


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It is worth taking into account that sources which you will only connect by HDMI for both audio and video, e.g. PS3, will not need assigning to a separate input; at least that's how my Sony 3200ES works.
Also sources such as a CD player and Vinyl record deck will also not need assigning to a video input.

Sorry if this was obvious.


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You are right of course but that does vary by amp, some need you to assign the Sky HD box to an input before you can associate an optical connection with it for example.

Either way, 5 is enough for most people I'm sure, just not impossible to strain the limits if you've been collecting sources for a while :)

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