Aspect setting on AE100 - which one


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After seeing some films on the Panasonic AE100 I have noticed that the 16/9 mode does not fit every film

For 2.35 films its ok

For 1.85 films the 16/9 mode is not correct - people look fat and squashed

Can I ask which mode you use for these films ( zoom or something else ) ?



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i use the 16/9 mode for all my dvds played through my panny and both 2/35/1 & 1/85/1 look ok have you set your dvd player to 16/9?


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Thanks for the reply - Yes I double checked the DVD player and it is set to 16/9

As I say it is only the 1.85 films that look distorted


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thats weird i watched blade 2 last night on the panny and its 1/85/1 and it looked fine the image didnt look squashed it looked fine on my panny maybe you should speak to your dealer


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The aspect ratio of the film itself isn't the question here.

The issue is about the aspect ratio of the video signal coming off the disc/dvd player which might be exactly 4x3 or exactly 16x9.

On the assumption that you have your DVD player set to output a 16x9, Widescreen, (or whatever other phrase your manufacturer uses) signal where available on the disc then:

If the DVD was mastered using a 16x9 VIDEO signal ratio (note: this is NOT necessarily the ratio of the film it contains) then you use the 16x9 or wide setting. 16x9 video signals are referred to by different disc manufacturers variously as 16x9, Enhanced for Widescreen TVs, Anamorphic. Take care tho': disc packaging isn't always accurate or intuitive in this respect.

If the DVD was mastered using a 4x3 VIDEO aspect ratio (note: NOT the ratio of the film) and the film is wider than this, use zoom.

In short, if it looks wrong, it probably is wrong. Choose a PJ setting that makes it look right.

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