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I note that recording to DVD-r always records in the 4:3 aspect ratio regardless of source. Guess they're saving space!

However recording to DVD-RAM records as source.

If I use the PC method to convert DVD-RAM recordings to DVD-r is the (say) 16:9 retained?


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Using my HS2, everthing I've recorded to DVD-R has remained in the same aspect ratio as recorded on my HDD - which in turn recorded the information exactly as passed by my $ky, DTT or analogue tuners. Anamorphic material has remained anamorphic, letterbox has remained letterbox, and full frame has remained full frame.

Don't forget that television pictures are transmitted, or stored, in a 4:3 'packet' (for consumer use anyway), whether or not it requires anamorphic stretching.


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All programs are transmitted and recorded at 4:3.

All that happens with widescreen is that it is squashed horizontally and has a flag included in the transmission to tell the tv to stretch it out again. THis flag is recorded on ram and the hdd, but is lost when recording or dubbing to -r, so these have to be set manually on the tv


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But even digital 4:3 isn't quite 1.33:1 (4:3), but usually closer to 1.22:1 because pixels aren't square. The picture is simply produced and displayed in one of the defined aspect ratios. Of course, 1.22:1 is closer to 1.33:1 than 1.78:1, but technically speaking, the picture is anamorphic in either case. ;)

And with analog TV signals, there isn't even an inherent aspect ratio, just displaying the picture across as wide a screen area as the picture was recorded for. TV's simply assume that pictures are 4:3 so long as no 16:9 flag is present.

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