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I've been reading a few posts about people not being able to get images to fit correctly within the boundaries of their screens. I wondered why this was happening and then it dawned on me that the screens are 16:9 ratio whereas the film being projected is 1.85 or 2.35:1 (greate or less in some cases) The 16:9 ratio is fine for widescreen TV's since any overscan is hidden from view. But as we've seen with projectors, the image spills over the edge of the screen. I'm currently researching screens and I hope to buy later in the year but I want to make the right investment. After some searching, I found that Vutec offer a ratio of 1.85:1 in their range (also custom ratios). My question is, why aren't cinema aspect ratio screens more commonly available? It's quite obvious that the people who invest in these products are movie buffs and want to see things in the correct and best possible way. Is my logic incorrect?

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The three most common movie sizes are 2.35:1, 1.77:1 and 1.85:1, so you have to decide what screen to use, and what compromises you can live with.

You occasionaly get ratios like 1.66 (Clockwork Orange) and 2.4 (Ben Hur IIRC), so it's very difficult to cater for all movie ratios.

If you can get your pj on a good roller system and/or zooming of the lens, you could always try the fixed height, variable width idea with some side masking.

if the movie is 2.35:1, you move the pj back so the top and bottom of the film line up with the top and bottom of the screen, then mask at the sides. If it's 1.77:1, you move the pj forward so the top and bottoms line up, then move the side masking in to match.

It'll be more like the cinema, but more fiddly, but could be a good solution provided that when blowing up 2.35:1 images the screen door doesn't become visible.



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Cinema (1.85:1 and 2.35:1) aspect ratio screens aren't more commonly available because there isvery little material or projection equipment that can show it, with exception of the proper cinema gear.

I suspect 2.35:1 screens would be more common if people could purchase "cinemascope anamorphic" materia, DVD's etc,l that was in 2.35:1 without any letterboxing.

You are correct reVuetcand aspect ratios, we can have any aspect ratio made up.


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Neilus I think u have missed the piont.

Modern projector panels are 16:9 and that where the problem lies as some screens, the white area, is NOT 16:9. Thats whats all the fuss is about.

Yes there will be films in other rations but this will only use part of the 16:9 pannel

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