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Hi all.Finally got the panny ae500 connected via dvi, and have powerstrip on my nvidia fx 5600 256mb at 1280 x 720p.

Great colours and better definition. Bad news is that I noticed vb the other day, and now cannot take my eyes off it!

However a quick question or two.

1) I know that with dvi the aspect ratio is fixed, and it is not possible to zoom into the image etc. However I notice that with for example F. Nemo the image is a reasonable size on my 7ft screen and looks to be in the correct aspect ratio. The same is true for region 1 SPRyan. However with LOTR2T, the image seems way to long for its width, occupying only a small area in the middle of the screen. If I switch to normal desktop resolution it seems to be back in a more correct a.r. (about the same as it plays in from my tosh dvd player). I'm not a hater of black bars, and would rather have them than a full screen and wrong a.r. but this is definately wrong. It almost looks like windvd is formatting the picture to set a.r., then the projector is doing the same again to the picture with black bars i.e. if the image took up the whole of the leetrbox it would be in about the right a.r. I'm not explaining this very well but any ideas?

2)I can still see scan lines on 1280x 720. I thought the higher resolution would take care of those

Cheers for any ideas.



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Ok let me simplify the question.

Why if I play a dvd from a dvd player into the lcd projector does the image take up over 2/3 of the screen, but only about a third if i feed the projector from a htpc via powerstrip at 1280x720. And why then if I feed the projector a dvd at native windows resolutions, does the picture then increase to the size from the dvd player?


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