Aspect ratio not auto switching (Sky + MCE)

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by Timmeruk, Mar 7, 2006.

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    Hi All,

    Have spent sometime trying to resolve this one

    Sky to PC using Scart out to Video in (Yellow) in on PVR250 and audio in. (Red/White to Phono)
    From PC I have tried DVI to HDMI and DVI to VGA PC input on Samsung LCD.

    I am running MCE 2005 and both output to the LCD I get fantastic picture and am able to run in 1366 x 768. All DVD's, MCE and Divx's fill the screen perfectly.

    When I use LiveTV to from the Sky feed I get the 4:3 aspect but the picture is in 16:9 (very tall squashed people). I have made sure the LCD is set to 16:9 the output from the Sky box is set to 16:9, but for some reason the LCD is not getting signal to switch to 16:9. Or rather it is running in 16:9 but the picture is not

    I have tested the direct from Scart to LCD from Sky and the aspect works fine... just wondered if anyone out there had a config I could use to get the LCD to recieve the sign so it changed aspect correctly...


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