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Aspect Ratio Handling Component vs SVHS

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by PJTX100, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. PJTX100

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    Dec 21, 2004
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    Great forum guys (& gals).
    Over the past few months I've taken the projector route. Purchased the Hitachi PJTX100, hooked it up to my ageing Pioneer 525 via S-VHS, home made MDF screen approx 71" x 40" plus black borders. Totally blown away by results, far better than I'd hoped for.
    Recently decided to add the Pioneer 575 to the mix, component/progressive being the main attraction and indeed the picture is stunning, though it's only a nudge better rather than a giant leap forward over S-VHS IMO (albeit based on one night's viewing!).
    However, component has introduced a side effect that I was half expecting but not seen until now.
    I made the screen exactly 16:9 (by projecting the startup image and masking to paint the border), up to now via S-VHS everything lines up to the borders beautifully - menus etc, and in particular 1.85 aspect ratio fills the full 16:9 screen beautifully (despite 16:9 being 1.77?). Gaps appear with 1:2.35 of course.
    Anyway, with component output from the 575 gaps of around 1" top/bottom have appeared with 1:1.85, they nearly disappear with the one film I have which is 1:1.79 (Private Ryan) - which is exactly as expected if you do the sums. (SVHS output on the 575 again shows no gaps).
    It's almost as if S-VHS is automatically shaping the image to 16:9 whereas with component it's sticking rigidly to the aspect ratio. Is this what you guys experience?
    It's only a slight annoyance because so few films are 1:1.85, but it means I'll probably watch 1:1.85 via SVHS on the 525 because it looks so neat being perfectly lined up to the border.

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