aspect changes within movie using cinemascope lens


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Hello, A question that has been irking me since I sat down to watch Batman Begins & The Dark Knight last week - some of the footage was shot in 16:9 IMAX format, and the rest in 2.35:1 35mm format. Which is great and looks grand an everything, but it made me realise that when I am running the projector and lens combo in the theatre room, there is going to be a problem. When the picture changes mid movie between 2.35:1 and 16:9, how does this affect the picture displayed? I am guessing that the IMAX footage will be stretched horizontally and distorted making everything appear fatter. This will only be worse with so much of the Dark Knight Rises filmed in IMAX. Does anyone here have experience with this - how does it work and how have you overcome it? FYI I will be running JVC DLA-X90R and probably a panamorph UH480 lens.


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I used to have a projector with an Isco lens when I watched this film. IIRC the IMAX scenes were simply cropped to 2.35:1 so watching on my 2.35:1 screen I wasn't aware which scenes were IMAX or not. IMHO it was better than watching the majority of the film zoomed back with black bars on four sides (not using my lens) so that I could see the whole height of those short IMAX parts.

FWIW I didn't think much of the film anyway, but that's a whole other thread. :)

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