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Yes cause this board needs one.
I'm more of a HK movie buff

And if you guys want to check out some cool HK movies you should check out these

Versus- A super low budget japanese movie made by the super hyped up director "Ryuhei Kitamura" Versus is a cheap movie
all done in the forest. The action is interesting and the director uses camera angles never before seen in action movies and the movie is very fast paced and doesn't make sense at times but the Action is very well done.
This movie has Kung-fu/Zombies/Gun-shooting/Samurai/Gorey action. Don't expect this movie to be serious or super good but it's a fun lay back relaxed fun POPCORN movie thats interesting and new to see. If you want to know more about the movie and see the trailer check out this link

Infernal Affairs- An American Remake is currently in the making of this Blockbuster HK movie trilogy.
The movie is a very very good cop movie with twists and turns and also very good actors.

The plot is about these 2 people
One of them is a Mole for the Cops and the other is a Mole in the Triads(asian gang) then one day the cops and triads figure out that there is a mole in them. so the moles seek out looking for the mole.

Infernal Affairs2 is the prequel and Infernal Affairs3 is the true sequel to the 1st.

Also if your into Japanese horror Like Ringu Check out this Korean movie called Tale Of 2 sisters which the story was based on a true korean story.

And a tale of 2 sisters cinemetogrophy is just brilliant if you want tp know more about the movie check out the official website


Can't say i was too impressed by Versus (it's Japanese by the way, not HK) started off well, but got a bit too repetitive and boring for me. Having said that, i completely agree about Infernal Affairs - a fantastic movie, probably the best film to come out of HK in recent years (apart from Hero). There's a lot of cool movies that have come from Asia, although i do think that the HK movie industry is very poor compared to what it used to be - too much bad CGI and cantopop actors, but Japan are still knocking out classy horror, which unfortunately cannot be said about Hollywood.


I found Versus to be a real chore to watch - cool idea and great cinematography, but it just went on and on and on.....

If you like the director - try Azumi - again I found it too long - but shows you what the man can do with a budget.


heh yah i checked out azumi a while back.
It's also one of my fav's from Ryuhei.
if you didn't know him and his team helped out with the action scenes in the Gamecube Game "Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes"
Which was a remake of the classic on PSone.

If any of you have never heard of Battle Royale.
You should check it out.
It's a great movie with meaning and stuff.

Battle Royale was directed by Kinji Fukasaku who recently died.
The movie is about a time in japan were alot of bad things happened in the community like alot of lay off's and kids boycotting school so that eventually led to an act called Battle Royale.
BR is where random 9th grade students get suddenly kidnapped by the government and they get send off to this island to kill each other off in 3 days until one is left.
If they don't finish the game in 3 days the teacher will set there collars to explode so all of them will die.
It's a great movie


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check out my collection loads of good jap titles there. Maybe even a few you've not see:)

I too thought versus pretty average my current faves are:-

Musa the warrior
Shoalin Soccer
Dark Water
Tale of two sisters

plenty more where that came from:D


Well currently my favorite action movie was Equilibrium till i watched that movie way too much.

well now my current favorites are
Suicide Club
Battle Royale
Infernal Affairs2

my old favs
Shaolin Soccer
Infernal Affairs
Drunken Master

I'm trying to find the old John Woo movies.
Those are the classics not the new ones cause they suck.


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I love 'Battle Royale' and 'Drunken Master'. I've seen the uncut version of 'Ichi'. What exactly is that supposed to be about?

I found it boring and tiresome :thumbsdow


Originally posted by Games Guru
I love 'Battle Royale' and 'Drunken Master'. I've seen the uncut version of 'Ichi'. What exactly is that supposed to be about?

I found it boring and tiresome :thumbsdow

I found Ichi more based off his directing to make it a good movie.
The plot was simple.

kakihara the yakuza looking for his leader is trying to search for the person who killed there boss.
And Gigi is the mastermind controlling Ichi and that part with the whore Gigi also hypnotized her so Ichi can kill her.
at the end kakihara was hallucinating after he put the needles in his head because he wanted to feel pain by Ichi.
And Gigi took the little boy to be the next ichi NO IT's NOT YOUNG ICHI. And they didn't explain why Gigi commited suicide but he did probably because he was tired of playing god.

There are different inepretations of the movie

in the manga Gigi took the kid to be the next ichi and didn't commit suicide.


Ichi is not for everyone and is a hardmovie to follow and a hard movie to understand.
But Ichi is still a good movie in my book for his great directing.
One of his better films I watched would be Audition.

Audition is a masterpiece and crazy but not crazy like Ichi.

Audition is a very slow horror movie i mean sloooooooooooow but wow it get better and better the more the ending is near.
Takashi Miike is known for making it hard for people to understand his movies but his direction is still awesome.


I recently watched Infernal Affairs 3 and personally i didn't like it as much as the other2 though it was good.
The movie felt different then the previous 2.
Infernal Affairs 3 felt more pscological and confusing then the other2.

Infernal Affairs3 was interesting in some moments like how they showed more in depth of what happened in Infernal Affairs1 was pretty cool. the movie felt darker then the other2 and more depressing.

i give it 8/10 cause it had a smart script.

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