Ashes 2007


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Always asleep:)

I did catch the final 30 minutes this morning and well that's wasn't fun:eek:


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the last 2 wickets was a real blow. Cook really stood up yesterday and showed he can get hundreds against the best despite the best efforts of warne.


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I think the coverage is excellent, I think Cricket is the only Sport where I really like all the commentators (maybe with the exception of Hussain :boring: ).

Bumble & Beefy are great and can be very funny. Athers, Mikey Holding and Gower are all very knowledgable while not being as entettaining as the first two I mention. Its good when the Aussies come in for a bit of Friendly banter, just a shame they are the ones bragging :suicide:

All the gizmos and gadgets they use are really usefull for the breakdown of a Batsmens shots or Bowlers line/length.

All round, well worth having had no sleep for the past month :thumbsup:

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Cricket coverage has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. :smashin:

When the BBC lost Test Match coverage, it seemed like the end of civilisation as we know it. :eek:

However, the rivalry between Channel 4 and Sky has meant all manner of innovations have been introduced.

Thought for old-timers:

Remember when coverage was from only one end, so the bowler was running towards us during alternate overs?

Also, before "Action Replays", you could guarantee a wicket would fall just when TG had popped out to the loo! :rotfl:

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