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As a user of TalkTalk's HG633 (SO-CALLED) Super Router, which is the biggest piece of garbage ever (constantly dropping Wi-Fi connection and very poor performance), meaning that Skype calls, YouTube streaming and online gaming are all impossible tasks with roughly 6-7 disconnects per hour and everybody in the household complaining (do a Google search for "HG633 Problems"). Ethernet performance is also average (yet again, according to TalkTalk forums) and the service from this router is also poor.

Because of this, I am now in the hunt for a good ADSL2+ modem router that will provide me at least a decent service.

Any suggestions?


There are no problems with my line and internal house wiring as these have been checked by an engineer, so it is definitely the modem/router causing the bottle neck here.

My sync speed on the TalkTalk Router's DSL Stats is 13023Kbps down and 1020Kbps Up on a 6 SNR profile.

I already have another ADSL2+/VDSL2 modem router (A TP-Link TD-W9980), however the last time I tried to switch to that from the HG633, the sync speed kept going down and my local exchange detected a fault and capped my profile to 8192Kbps downlink (meaning an engineer visit to reset my exchange profile). I did however have faulty base stations for the landline phones and old microfilters (could this be the reason why I had that fault at that time).


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I have currently got my eyes set on the Netgear D6400. This is an ADSL/VDSL Modem Router (so when I upgrade to fibre, I will not need to get a new router or source a modem). It also has Gigabit Ethernet, AC1600, USB File Sharing and other features I would like (such as port forwarding that the dreaded HG633 doesn't work for). This netgear looks good, I am tempted.

NETGEAR D6400-100UKS AC1600 Dual Band 300 + 1300 Mbps Wireless (Wi-Fi) VDSL/ADSL Modem Router for Phone Line Connections (BT Infinity and YouView, TalkTalk Fibre and TV, EE Fibre, Plusnet Fibre): Computers & Accessories


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Hi Marcus, I am looking for a replacement router for the HG633 - did you get this in the end and if so was it any good ?

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