Asda instore reductions (PS3)

Mr Noble

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Picked up a few little bargains yesterday while in asda, the games were all in a seperate area from the games (price reductions stand)

Havin just bought myself a PS3 i thought i might start building up my own collection

All games brand new sealed in cellophane/ some were unsealed but i got the sealed one's :D

Mirror's Edge (£6.50)
GT5 prologue £10.50)
Farcry 2 (£10)
Battlefield bad company (£14)
Fallout 3 (£20)

there were lot's more like sonic etc so maybe worth a look next time your in.

At first the prices came up as full and i queried it , the lady had to do a manual overide at the till's to sort the rice out (apperently the scanning labels had not been updated yet showing new price)


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Well it may be but for me there's no Asda near where I live so it is of no use.

Mirror's Edge for £6.50 is very cheap though.


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There was a similar thread that you and I posted in. It seems prices vary from store to store as, out of the three posts in that thread, there were three different prices on ME and two different prices on FO3.

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