Asda Deal Samsung A400 + Epson R300 £149.99


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Hi all,

I have just seen what seems like a good deal at my local Asda Store. You get a Samsung A400 digital camera and an Epson R300 Photo printer for £149.99

I'm very new to digital photography.

Has anyone any personal experience of this camera and printer. The reviews on various websites look favourable.

Or should I go for a Panasonic Lumix FZ3 and a different printer?

I would not be using the camera as an enthusiast but rather as a snapper and my budget is approx £200


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Hi seany,

Thanks for that. I think I'll throw my money at an FZ3 especially if I can get one at £199.99 as you recommend and wait for a couple of months to get a separate printer.

Had also considered a Sony W1 or a Canon A95 but the lens on the FZ3 seems to get the vote over the 5mp capability.



Well the W1 and A95 are great cameras two. Any of those three would make a very good choice for you. I don't know if the z3 is better its different in that its 12x zoom the others are 3x. But all have things going for them.

Another thing is about home printing, it costs much more to print at home. It's very cheep now for online and storefront printing. I'd not worry to much about a printer at the mo


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Seany, I really appreciate your helpful comments. Having narrowed down the choice to three with your help, I will look at more reviews and make a choice. I will also get my hands on the actual camera at somewhere like Jessops and then make a decision.
I think that you are right about the printer at this stage - much better to put the money into a decent camera.
Thanks again.

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