As bad as VideoPlus?


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I've set my BT Vision box to series record "Saxondale", but every recorded episode I've watched so far begins with the last few minutes of the previous programme (Mock The Week) and subsequently cuts off the last few minutes of Saxondale.

How annoying is that? I would have thought that in this digital age, setting up your STB to record a programme would mean you would get that programme and nothing else. However, it seems as bad as the old Video+ on VHS - with variable start and finish times.

Is this just the way it is with BT Vision?


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I have a humax pvr and it gives me the option to start the recording upto 5 mins earlier likewise for the length that it records after the programme, Try your settings and see if the BT Vision box gives you this option


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If you missed the end of Saxondale you can always catch it again on BBCi. Not quite what you intended I guess as you cannot hold the recording beyond 7 days and the quality is a bit 'iffy'. At least the Beeb don't chop off the end of their programmes/


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I seem to notice that on some freeview machines, usually it records 5mins either way though. So you get the end of one show, and the start of the one after your program. My solution...get sky + :D


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I'll raise it as an issue, as I suspected it would be like this, but don't actually have one myself (just fit them)

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