As a test ... HTPC Audigy spdif V's Pioneer DVD 717...



Ripped a couple of DVD's to my HD. ( Direct copy no compression)

Ran the DVD's on the 717 and the Film on the HTPC with a 5 second delay so I could swap sources and compare scenes.

717 was connected via digital coax. 1 metre length high quality cable.

HTPC was connected via 10 metre cheapo phono cable.

Both into a Yammy A1

Could I hear a difference?

Nope. Neither could my mate.

No we're not deaf.

Just an interesting observation that's all.


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I would expect them to be comparable, although you don't state what hardware and softwae is used in the HTPC. What if it was a TAG rather than the 717? or maybe the A1 is the limiting factor?


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The commentary on the Avia calibration DVD says something along the lines of "there's no other area more full of snake oil solutions than that of cabling" ... while I'm sure a very small percentage of the population in their late teens/early 20s will be able to hear a difference (the age where one's hearing is acutest), many more I think are seduced into the "King's new clothes" syndrome. ;)


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Whilst good cabling for analogue is essential I have never believed it so for digital connections. Lets face it - a stream of digital bits containing 1's and 0's sent from an output at such a low and unchanging voltage isn't going to be read any different by an input over a reasonable distance.

Toekiller - good work.

Its not so much the hardware (I mean the electrical components inside the HTPC or your Pioneer717) its the filters they use. The Xcard S/Pdif has much more LFE than the Revolution 7.1 - its all down to the filters used in the drivers.

I and my brother tested the audio output of the 717 against a Panasonic and a Toshiba. The Pioneer was the most preferrable. I say preferrable because thats what its all about really.

Audio is very preferrential. Video is much easier to judge.


Jeff why would you think they would compare?

After reading anything in the cable forum, ( and most other threads regarding cable quality ) I certainly thought that might be a weak part of my system. A crappy phono cable ( a dual connection btw so it's even worse ) against a single shielded cable a 10th of the length and from a high quailty source.

By all accounts I should be hearing huge differences.

It saved me a few quid I can tell you ;)


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Tbrar and I compared a few DVD's through his Pioneer 2011 THX Select AV amp and Mordaunt Short 5 channel THX Select speakers.

a) Arcam DVD 88+

b) HTPC TheaterTek/m-audio 2496 Audiophile soundcard.

We couldn't tell them apart. Dolby Digital seems to be quite robust, perhaps because of it's packet format.

We didn't compare a PCM music CD audio though. In my experience that is more variable in quality. Still never done a full ABX comparison though.


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