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The on-board card (radion 300ex) drives my 32" LCD well, and I bought a DVI splitter (approx £100) so I could drive my Sony VPL-HS50 projector as well... It works OK, but I need to change the resolution so the projector is in range... It needs to change to 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080... otherwise the Sony doesn't show squat.

If I force 720p in the advanced settings on the ATI panel, this works a treat on the projector, but my LCD display obviously goes fuzzy due to the interpolation. If I force 1080p then it all goes squiffy and scattered due to, i'm assuming, the inability of the graphics card, i.e. it just isn't good enough!

My question is:
Can I take out the unused SVGA card and put in a second more powerful video card? One which will push out 1920 x 1080p? If so, what will work?

Or shall I just replace the 300ex with a more powerful 2xDVI model and set the one going to the projector higher (1920 x 1080p) leaving the one going to my LCD at the right resolution (1360 x 768).

Is anyone else considering this?



I have no success playing MP4 files in MCE

I use Nero and have installed the full version of Nero Digital Prof. but the MCE won't see the files.

If I cange the extension to .avi, all is well, MCE sees and plays!

But I'd rather it just works.

I'm assuming it's codecs?

What should I install to sort it?

Appreciate the help.

Next one will be:
How do I play 5.1 dolby digital Nero files in MCE? But I'll just try to get MP4 working first...

What info do I need to post? i.e. list of codecs? How do I get that?



I had a lot of stability probs with mine... 2-3 crashes a day...

Then I disabled the on-board WiFi as the performance was awful and replaced with a lil Netgear USB jobbie, and since then my crashes went to once every 2-3 days!



The MCE2005 roll-up was about the same time and maybe that helped with reliability?

Anyone else suffered with the on-board WiFi?

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