ARTICLE: What is Dirac Live Room Correction?


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My room acoustics were a mess till I began using Dirac. It really does make a helluva difference, (well let's say that it did to my audio equipment anyway).


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Which of the consumer receivers are compatible with Dirac Live? Are there any at a sensible price?

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Which of the consumer receivers are compatible with Dirac Live? Are there any at a sensible price?


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Which of the consumer receivers are compatible with Dirac Live? Are there any at a sensible price?
on the way!


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Did I miss the bit about cost???
The products mentioned come with the license so it’s free, simply download to pc/phone and go for it.
If you want to upgrade from the limited frequency to the full one, it’s $100, if you want (and if your product supports) the bass control upgrades, you can pay for single sub ($349) or multi sub ($499) or single to multi ($169)

My Nad comes with the limited version (free), and it makes a difference, planning to upgrade for the full.
Mine doesn’t support the bass control upgrades.

there is also stereo/desktop...see below



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A room correction system that actually works and doesn't break the bank ,great for tinkerers brill.


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Been using a minidsp DDRC-88a for some years with great success. It's a 7.1 capable add on processor for Dirac $999 though I picked mine up second hand. Which is good for separates, or in my case i use a Marantz receiver as a pre-amp for 7.1 and amp for Atmos, feeding the mini dsp and then an old Yamaha DSP-Z9 as a power amp.
Via the Marantz app i get to use Audyssey on just the Atmos channels (not as good as Dirac but better than nothing)

I also use 2x4HD for time aligning dual subs, with the added befifit of BEQ for kick ass bass reconstruction.


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Still got those servo 15 s?


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There's nothing like excess lol especially in bass you can turn it down but not up


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Need to get mine connected back up again to see if it makes a difference in my new place.


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I have finally (!!) managed to experiment with DIRAC today which I've been wanting to do for a long, long time.

I ran measurements with UMIK and ran the filters through JRiver and fed the LCPM signals into my Chord Mojo DAC and then into my Arcam C31 pre.

My thoughts were that it was not as big a change as I was expecting. I have very poor room acoustics and it did improve on these somewhat. Imaging felt more tightly focused but less expansive. In default mode (i.e. correcting 20Hz-20kHz) it trimmed far too much off at high frequencies and completely robbed the sound of 'air' and cymbals took on a muted quality and lost their radiance.

I limited the upper frequency bound of the correction to 1kHz and experienced better results - this retained the 'air' of the recording whilst tightening up everything below this frequency.

Having listened extensively I cannot say it was substantially better than listening without an EQ in the chain - only different.

However, I was very surprised to find the EQ is extremely transparent - I cannot hear any real distortions being added into the signal, which is a big, big improvement on Audyssey that gave fantastic measured results but ruined subjective listening.

Having listened I can now genuinely say it isn't for me, but I would actually recommend it for those who need an EQ, especially in surround.


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An entirely new Dirac Live feature will be announced at CES :)
all I can say is that it addresses a completely different aspect so that it complements Dirac Live and Dirac Bass Control



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Dirac Live 3.0 seems to add nothing to my system.

However if i leave it switched on for a few weeks, then turn it off.......

OMG my system sounds awful. Flat, tinny sounds appear to come from a bunched up area between the speakers with occasional boomy bass notes making me run for the volume control.

........switch it back on and ahhhhhhh..........

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