ARTICLE: Best Video Streaming Trials and Offers During UK Lockdown

Followed the now tv link, and it’s says there are no deals available.
They probably think they don't need deals as all the potential customers are on "Lockdown" so they'll pay regardless. The offers are usually frequent and when you are a customer and try to cancel the site actually haggles with you to stay :D
Can you trust them ?

ios or android in app store
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How lame are Disney with a 7 day trial, they make 11 times in profit then Netflix do.

Guess they know people will lap it up.
Not at the minute they're not!
A month to binge and then cancel. Makes bad business sense.

By that very same logic Netflix should have 0 subscribers right, as everyone would have binged everything by now right & cancelled?
Exactly and on top of that, it’s a fiver so what do people expect.
Amazon, Netflix and et al are also £4.99/£5.99. Hardly expecting much if the norm is 30 days trial.

Anyway I've subscribed as I managed to get it for £49 plus £23 cashback.
If you’re a horror fan I’ve heard good things about Shudder.
If you’re a horror fan I’ve heard good things about Shudder.
Yep and if you use the code SHUTIN you can get a 30 day trial.
DMR Launches RetroCrush, a Channel for Classic Anime

Free with adverts

Yes, CDkeys been around years, I've used them several times.

Don't make the mistake I did recently though, I bought three cheap monthly keys but could only redeem one on my account, I saved the rest to add the following month but they had expired. The keys I bought from them were limited to one per account and time limited too, it wasn't abundantly clear on the CD Keys website that this was the case.
I signed up for the Disney trial and I'll be watching The Avengers quadrilogy.

I watched the first one last night and the PQ was superb, I was quite impressed.
Not sure I'm impressed enough to continue after the trial period, we'll see. :p

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