ARTICLE: Best Blu-ray Discs of 2017

danny daniell

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Thanks for the read ... Dr. Strange, Moana and Rogue One also look stunning in 3D they are well worth checking out if you have the associated kit to play back.
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Has to be The Thing for me , I actually do not feel the need for a UHD BD release of this now I have the Arrow release .

Jessica Noir

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Great list, good to see a mix of the old and new. While I wouldn't want to put forward one of their individual titles, Indicator have established themselves as a hell of a company this year. Body Double, Christine, 10 Rillington Place, Fat City and the amazing Hammer and Harryhausen boxsets have put them up with Arrow and Criterion as the gold standard of film releasing.

While it arrived a wee bit late in the year and is a Region A locked release, the Synapse edition of Suspiria is an instant classic and reference material despite it being a 40 year old film. The colours are beautiful beyond words and it's up there with any UHD release I have seen. Might sound like hyperbole, but it's stunning.

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