Art Figures Heavy Armoured Special Cop AF-015


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Product Name: Heavy Armoured Special Cop

Product Code: AF-015

Release Date: 2014-6

Product Status: FOR ORDERING
- Detailed likeness headsculpture
- Body
- Leather combat jacket
- Leather combat pants
- Combat boots
- Combat gloves
- Bulletproof vest w/Name plate
- Tactical shoulder pads
- Tactical knee pads
- Helmet w/eyeglass
- Gas mask
- Smoke grenade
- Stick grenade w/Holder
- Machine pistol w/Holster
- Clips w/Holder
- Tactical folding knife
- First aid kit
- Gas mask bag

Cannot wait for this - recently sold my bits I had purchased to make my own, so this could not have come at a better time!

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I saw this on FB earlier, didn't realise it was from Art Figures though. Definitely in for this now!!


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Says sold out? There been that much interest that quickly?

I'll go with OSB for this one, they normally get Art Figures :)


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Hot Toys and Enterbay have got to be kicking themselves for not getting the Dredd license, the buzz around this figure tops anything either of those companies have announced for ages!!


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keep rolling rolling rolling.

I jumped on the bandwagon


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Art Figures can still release it in China and Rebellion can do eff all about it.

I think however, it'd be in their interests to work out a license. It would also potentially help make them more of a legit company. Remember, Hot Toys started out on the unlicensed figure bandwagon.

The sheer interest in this figure, surely shows that something must be worked out. The amount of pre-orders, is supposedly staggering.


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This has now been pulled from the uk sites selling it. Rebellion and 2000AD have caught wind and the have stomped their collective judges boot down! Don't know whether this will still be available through retailers that you may have placed preorders with guys.
Pity that.


That's great news. I might have to track one of these down off the bay once it's released :)


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Top it all off my second pair of 3d glasses came for my projector!! so Dread3d it is!!

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