Arrrghh dead pixels.... I think ?


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I've had my Panny AE500 for about a month now, but have only just completed ceiling mounting it and putting my home made screen up (before that it was a bed sheet)

Just settling down to watch a movie for the first time on the new set up, my wife noticed a brightly lit green pixel that was there all the time, on closer inspection I noticed a group of about 7 green pixels, quite dim in comparision to the very bright one, but definately there.

Checked there wasn't anything on the lens and cleaned it - no difference.

I'm not sure what the policy is on dead pixels from panasonics point of view... x number of certain colours are "in spec" aren't they.

I also didn't know if this could be one of the infamous dust blobs, i don't know what they look like, these "pixels" were all the same size slightly rectangular.

This is the worse day ever, it's really ****** me off, any advice
please ?

EDIT: Just been doing some searches and noticed the service mode for displaying white, red, green and blue. Couldn't pick up the pixels using this, it's black, and especially dark grey that they are really noticable. Had another count, and aside from the very birght single one, I can see at least another 26 (!) dimmer ones


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Try changing the lens focus. If you have dust particles they should start to come into focus as you bring the lens focus forward.


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Well, I think I have a duct blob as well from that test (the dead pixels seem to show up when everything is in focus i.e a DVD or something)

I changed the focus (one way don't know if it was forward or not) and they dissapeared, but a larger circular green thing came into focus - this is not visable normally though (when focus is normal)


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sounds like dust blobs to me, do a search on how to clean it its very easy to do i have cleaned my a300 4 times already because of dust blobs


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Really ? I thought dist blobs would look a bit more....blobby. I'm not utterly sure what one looks like, but these all seem to be exactly one pixel and are the same uniform rectangular shape.

Are these what dust blobs can look like ?

G a f f e r

Might be the film.
If I watch Akira, small rectangular dots come and go. I thought they were dead/stuck pixels but the image is fine with other discs.
The pixels may not show up on the service mode.
Best way to check? Stick on a decently transferred, dark film (like Alien- Director's cut) and see if you can see ANY abnormal pixel-like dots anywhere on the space scenes.
You're right, dust blobs are not pixel shaped, and are usually the size of squash balls.
Panasonic policy is = not tolerating any green pixels near the center of filed of view/image.

In which case, they will replace the unit for you.
In which case I'd check with them first before I went opening the case up to clean for dust blobs - this will invalidate warranty. If they won't replace the unit, try dust cleaning afterwards.

hope it works out :)

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If you can conect a pc to the pj, use black, white and RGB colour fields made in a paint program and show them full screen. If you have Avia, that has teh same colour fields and you can run them through your normal DVD player.

You shoule be able to see if the red green or blue pixels are stuck on or off quite easily, though your problem does sound like dust.



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Gary, I'm really keen to try and work out if these are lit pixels or dust... how do I tell the difference ? As I mentioned before I thought the fact that lit green bits are all regular rectangular "pixel" shapes makes them more likely to be pixels than dust which I'd thought was more of a ball shape as Gaffer mentioned ?

I haven't got a PC corrected, but the way they are easily visable is when I have my DVD player connected via component and I hit stop, this shows a grey screen in which I can see the lit green pixels

Peter Parker

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Sorry my mistake, I'd misread what you're seeing and assumed dust blobs.

Are the green pixels always there? I would think that they'd always be visible regardless of the movie content if they were stuck green pixels.

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