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Around £500 to spend on secondhand 5.1 speakers


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Hi all,

I'm after a bit of advice on speaker purchasing. I'm converting an old summerhouse (brick built, huge 10 x 5m) into a new summerhouse :laugh:. I'm fitting a projector and 5.1 / 7.1 amp but need a speaker system that will cope with both surround from films and traditional stereo input from music.

Would something like the Boston Soundware 5.1 be up to the job of playing loud music as well as surround, or do I need to be looking for larger floorstanding and wall mounted type speakers.

As I'm going to be gutting the place I'm aiming to chase the walls to fit all the new wiring - is it worth me wiring for 7.1 or 9.1 now for future upgrades?

TIA :)

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Why second hand?

For that price I would go for the Q Acoustic 2000 5.1 set, which is a little bit over your budget but would provide you with a really nice set of speakers for the price and offer a surprising amount of welly.


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Just one man's opinion, but you need minimum, quality bookshelf speakers. It just don't see small satellite speakers doing the job, especially when you mentioned music so prominently.

The Q Acoustic 2000 series 5.1, either with 2010 or 2020 bookshelf in front, or for about £800, you can get the same system with 2050 floorstanding in the front.

As an alternate, you could consider these Wharfedale Diamond speakers -

SuperFi.co.uk - Wharfedale Diamond 10.0 HCP with Sw150 Sub

Though I would replace the front speakers with Diamond 9.1 or 10.1

SuperFi.co.uk - Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 Bookshelf Pair

SuperFi.co.uk - Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 Bookshelf Pair

Here is the same system with a newer Diamond Subwoofer -

SuperFi.co.uk - Wharfedale Diamond 10.0 HCP Home Cinema 5.1 Speakers

Either of the Subs in the systems above would be good, but I think you could get more for your money from BK Electronics -

BK Electronic - SUbwoofer

You should be able to bring in a Monitor Audio BX1 5.1 system with a BK sub for very near your budget. The Monitor Audio BX1 and BX2 are only slightly more than the Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 and 10.2.

The innovative BX1 squeezes the performance of a much larger speaker into a format that's easy to enjoy anywhere in the home. - Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited

Of course, these aren't the only choices, either in speakers or in Sources, but it does illustrate what it is going to take to get a good movie and music system at near your budget.

For music, you want to pay attention to the low end frequency response of the Front speakers; the lower the better.

In used system, the best you can do is look around and see what is available at the moment.

But, for a trace more than £500, you should do very well in new speakers.

Just a thought.

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Just one man's opinion, but you need minimum, quality bookshelf speakers. It just don't see small satellite speakers doing the job, especially when you mentioned music so prominently.



Wow that's a lot of advice - many thanks for your time Steve!

I saw the Q acoustic set in a cafe I was in today (presumably without the sub and middle but who knows?) and they're certainly attractive, and have a good sound for their size.

My feeling is to go for floorstanding front speakers for the setup, mainly due to this being mainly for music, with surround sound and movies coming in at a lower priority. I'd then add wall mounted rears and front central middle and sub. We've currently got a pair of B&W DM603 as our main speakers in the house.

So, I'm on the lookout for all of these items - off to lurk in the classified sections.

Thanks again:)

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