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Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by Family Guy, Apr 30, 2003.

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    Checked my bank account this morning and found that Sky TV had debited my account £84!!:eek: Rang them and got through to the call centre in India...all due respect to the lady on the other end, but I didn't have the greatest confidence that she had a Scooby Doo what I was going on about....:rolleyes:
    She put me through to the technical team who explained to me that my second subscription wasn't connected to the phone line and that they were charging me full price for my second sub....a mystery to me as the box is and always has been connected to the line...:confused: On further investigation, it was discovered that that wasn't the reason at all - the reason was because I am ex directory and the box wasn't ringing back with my number as I am on witheld number as well....the engineer hadn't configured the box to dial 1470 before it rang them back....only had the second sub 13 months and it's taken them this long to suss it out.

    Not happy, 1 hour later I was put back through to the customer services team who were very sympathetic but couldn't do anything....

    Phoned them back an hour later to inform them that I wanted to cancel my sub as they had breached the terms and conditions of the Direct Debit guarantee!! I hadn't recieved a letter 10 working days the money was due to inform me that they would be taking more money out of my account. Immediatly put through to a supervisor (something I had requested twice in the hour long conversation) who immediatly agreed to refund the £26 to much they had taken out - something I was told could not be done. I was informed my account would have to be credited with the money - Sky effectivly keeping it for use at a later date....:nono:

    I insisted to the supervisor that all he had done was give me back what was rightfully mine in the first place and insisted on some compensation. He agreed reluctantly to give me a months free viewing - worth £53 to me with my Sky+ on a loyalty which gives me free Sky+ access for 12 months....

    OK, so £26 is not a lot of money. But why do Sky TV think they have the right to take whatever they want from my bank account any time they want...I have spoken to a police officer friend of mine and he says that technically this is theft.....

    I just feel glad that I actually caught them on a technicality really, and it took me to threaten to report them to my bank for breaking the T & C's of the direct debit scheme before thay actually offered me anything, but worried that they might actually be doing this to 100's of subscribers every month who don't find out.....

    Just to say, the opinions in this post are mine and not that of the avforums or associated websites....:)
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    Well done m8y.


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