Arma 2 vs OPF2


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Hey Jonny, 1:45 in the Benny Hill music had me PMSL.
Obviously this is an example of poor AI in OPF (or is it OFP), but when I was searching the forum on ARMA2 it seems that everyone was having trouble with the ARMA AI. Reviews on Amazon are good though, what's up with it?

PS - I appreciate I'm bumping an old thread, but since there was no discussion, and chat on ARMA is limited here, I hope it's ok to bump.


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They're both crap anyway.imo

Ok if you like the slow paced stuff but not for me.


Personally i have had no issues whatsoever in this game. yes it requires more effort then a pick up and play bad company 2ish game but for me, once your setup, joined a clan and playing a 2-3 hour OP mission with comms, the rewards and experience is second to none.

i have not played much arma 2 lately, not because im bored, far from it, but because i need 1-2hours of my time with no interruption from the missus to play it:)

It is my game of the year. Thats how much i rate this game highly. Im in a clan myself but have not participated with them for a while but still keep in touch with them.

clan im in is Havoc Company - An ArmA 2 Clan
I can say now after say 3 hours of Arrowhead that it is on a completely different level to Flashpoint. I really enjoyed that game but man this thing rocks. Love the 3rd person view and the way it goes to first person view for scope shots, graphically miles better and the sounds are fantastic.

Really glad i picked this up now, i did like the demo but was put off by the AI, but it does seem better in the full game. Gonna hook my trackiR up to this tomorrow as i can see many hours being wasted on this.

Not ventured online yet, just trying to pick up the game first, but very impressed :smashin:

Runs really really nice aswell. Have my chip at 4GHz and the game is motoring along. Had to turn off POSTFX though as that blur is very disturbing
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I'm averging 40-45fps with AA on normal and everything maxed @ 1080p but obviously seeing alot higher in other parts but it feels very very smooth.

Performance improves greatly by disabling PostFX which if your like me and find the ARMA motion blur annoying you will only be too happy to turn off.

Compared to the demo it's far more stable and consistent and no you do not need the original Arma2, i only bought Arrowhead.
There is some good tips there in that thread aswell. I already have HT disabled as i know that harms games performance but will try the pre-renderred frames.

How the hell do you disable PhysX though? All i can do is put it to the GPU or CPU?


How does the performance of the game stack up to the demo? tried the demo today and it runs like a dog. Have Patches etc improved this Jonney?

Also, do i need the original Arma 2 for arrowhead?

Also, Nismo i found this, maybe come in handy for you i know it will for me
Sanders54's ArmA 2 optimization, how to force SLi/Crossfire and other FPS tweaks - -

i never tried the demo but the full game runs fine for me.

also check out this new map. brilliant IceBreakr's Islands - ArmA 2/Arrowhead Projects & Free Online Game Addons

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