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I have been dabbling with the idea of a HD sat box (not sky) for free to air channels and had thought of the Humax HD2000 but have just noticed this...

Satellite Supertore are selling for £199.
I think it unlikely but has anyone any experience of this box as a contender against the Humax or the Toppy.



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I have just installed a Fortec Star Passion HD receiver. Brought from Maplins for £199.00. I only brought it after rave reviews in the Satellite mags.

I have to say it is first class. Set up is easy, just about every satellite that we can pick up from the uk is pre programmed into it, I scanned three satellites and within 30 minutes of it arriving on my door step we were watching BBC HD.

The picture is perfect on HD and even SD pictures are much improved.

Take a look on Maplins web site and search around for other reviews, you wont be dissapointed.



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I also bought the Fortec, It was £149.99 and if you bought there catalogue cthe whole deal came to about £148, It is brilliant.


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I have the Arion have not tested it on 4:2:2 yet, I also have the fortec star which is utter crap the pace 810 and arion have much better SD & HD pic qulity,

This receiver the Arion is meant to be 4:2:2 capable anyone able to confirm this?


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spoke to one dealer just now and he mentioned that he has been receiving a lot of queries for the 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 capabilities of the Arion.

He confirmed that the hardware is capable of handling those formats and he is liasing with Arion to release a firmware which will decode those formats.

And he also mentioned that Arion responded positively to that request.


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just a quick update on this box, a email reply i had

"Just a bit of news. The official answer from Arion is that on a hardware level this will work however the software would need to be modified in order to make this a reality. As this question has also been asked by distributors other than us they have put it to an engineer and asked for an update asap.

There is no reason why it cant be done but they havent promised anything yet. If I get anymore information I shall let you know"


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Thanks Tim, I tried to get back to probably the same bloke, but he's never replied, and I was correct on the hardware then :D


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