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Argos Scart Box Question

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by Laskina, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. Laskina


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    Sorry for another connections thread but with all the helpful tips on this forum I think I have cracked it!!! All I need now is a nod of approval from someone in the know before I go out and spend all my wifes, oops I mean my, money :)

    (The argos scart box bit question comes at the end!)

    Here is my plan for connections - are they OK? ....

    Gamecube (RGB Scart), Non-Sky Satellite (RGB Scart), Video (Composite Scart), DVD AMP (Video Phono for picture) --> Argos Scart Box

    Argos Scart Box (RGB Scart) --> Sky Digi Box

    Sky Digi Box --> JS RGB to Component Box --> Plasma (Panny or Fujitsu)

    Sky Digi Box (Audio Phono) --> DVD AMP (for sound)

    I only ever record video off the Non-Sky Satellite so there is a separate Composite Scart from this to the video.

    So my question about the Argos Scart Box is this .... is the video phono sockets on it for input or output? From my connections above I need it for input (from the DVD) so it can then output to the RGB Scart that goes to the Sky Digi Box.

    If it does I am sorted - if not back to the drawing board!

    Thanks again for everyones advice on this forum,


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