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Sep 12, 2002
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Panasonic SBHEP20 speakers on the RS ad in what hi-fi no reviews anywhere

Panasonic SAHE70S in the new argos catalougue page 717 item 512/4651

Has anyone any idea how these sound they are cheap on richers sounds 59 quid and DVD audio ready and wife 'okayed'

I want to match them with a Yamaha sub

and the cheap Panasonic SAHE70S Home Cinema Receiver from Argos which no one seems to have heard off in this country.

It does DD/DTS and DPL2 which I want for DVD/Xbox and Gamecube.

The local Panasonic@ shop in milton Keynes has the amp but only Bose speaker sets and the blokes in there can just about manage to read the shelf edge lable to you if you ask for help :rolleyes:

Cant find any mention of the speakers anywhere on a uk site

Please help


Help me Avforums your my only hope! (UMHC ignored me)
yes thats the ones but I can't find any more info on them at all, no reviews nothing. I started looking after finding a set on ebay and missing the auction end trying to research them.

they are supposedly 59.95 at richer sounds but theres none in stock at the moment.

They look ok and so does the amp but its worring that no one else seems to have considered them

Thanks for the reply thought I smelt or something on UMHC

it does do DPL2 and isn't the older model that just did DD5.1

I just need a 'they are cr*p/good starting speakers' any indication at all

I have a panasonic TV and VCR but other wise I want dts and dpl2 and 5.1 sound as cheaply as poss with out buying a all in one.

I wanted the slim new panasonic amp but reviews were poor and the wife didn't like the mirrored finish

Thanks again
I have listened to SAHE70 / SBHEP20 combo at Pana NZ HQ.

Quality is acceptable entry level. I recon you'll need a subwoofer mind. the one I listened to was hooked up to this filing cabinet sized Ramsa sub that made the building rumble. My mate was just SO (not) happy to listen to SW:TPM pod race for the 100th time when it was being demo'd.

Hope this helps.

Chris 'kiwiranger' Parke

PS, how much were the speakers at RS? They're not being bought into this country as they're too much money for what they are.
the speakers are 119-111 pounds delivered new from RGB and Techtronics but Richer Sounds have them as a scoop mega price which probably means the aren't any anywhere for 59 pounds

A friend has a 2 year old Yamaha sub for sale for 50 pound so I'm looking at a speaker set and amp for 300 quid (then decent cabling/stands)

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