argos no 14 day money back guarantee on cameras !


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i just thought i would let you know,if anyone is thinking about buying a camera from argos they do not give there usual 14 day money back if you don't like it guarantee on cameras as they do with other products,(unless of course it is faulty) so if you do buy from there make sure you take a good look at it before you leave the shop or else they say your stuck with it,i'm not quite sure if this is legal,but in any event i would say it's very poor,i'm not sure why they do this with cameras,as with there other products they exchange no questions asked.

oh and if anyone's thinking why would you buy a camera from there in the first place,the answer is i was given some gift vouchers,although i did get them to change the camera, as i only found out about this policy when i looked at the receipt,so i told them it was faulty which was probably not ideal,but sometimes you have to play these companys at their own game. :D

so buyer beware.
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