Argos clearance on e-bay with Blue ray.


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Personally I don't rate Acer kit.. but that's MHO.
If you're planning on using this in an HTPC setup be aware of how noisy the machine will be - I'm no expert on this particular model but judging by the relatively small size and what appears to be a big vent on the top, this machine might make quite a lot of fan noise.


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Thanks.Have no plans to buy at the moment.Thought it might interest someone here.And the fact Argos are using e-bay as an outlet for it,s goods.What I don't understand is the cpu speeds with multiple core cpu system.For instance the PC in this thread is a quad core 9100e cpu with a clock speed of 1.8GHz.Does this mean it's a 4 cpu chip with each core running at 1.8GH so it's no faster than say a single 1.8 cpu running at 1.8GHz when running a single task.

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