Argo 24p Image Issue Panasonic TX-P50VT20


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I was watching Argo in 24p, without 24p smoothing on looks too un-natural on the VT20. Equipment used Panasonic TX-P50VT20, Denon DVD-2500BT (set to 24p) and Denon AVR-2808. At one point there was a scene which was focussing on the actor's face with camera panning from the face of the actor speaking to the next actor speaking. I got the usual false red and lime green contours issue. My wife noticed it this time when ever I usually try to point it out she just say's 'shhh i'm watching the movie'. I also noticed one point a character walked-off and I swear I could see his torso getting kinda blurry up. I checked the TV and saw that it was in 24p mode. Could the 24 frames per second frame-rate of film cause the motion blurrines?

I've read lots on the false contouring issue but haven't come across a good explanation of exactly why it happens. Anybody got a good link? What was the torso break-up. I don't enable image processing inorder to stop artifacts appearing...


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