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Still got a 55’ plasma and want to step into UHD for Sky, Netflix and Amazon viewing.

Looking at LED or OLED 65 inch and the two LG 65 models. 65 nano9 lcd or 65 cx oled. Will have seperate soundbar installed for D Atmos.

For my viewing needs is OLED worth double the cost? Been reading bout screen burn and also TV does have some sunlight on screen.

Any advice wise ones?


Not sure how much reading into the topic you have done already, but its a good idea before picking out different models to understand the basics of each technology.

I made a guide here that I hope helps people to choose:

Burn in is mentioned in the above guide, but here's another link:

Burn in, as you'll read is highly situational, it depends how you will use the TV.

So there's no one-size-fits-all answer. To a lot of people an OLED compared to an LCD TV will be huge. To other people an LCD TV is more suited to there viewing conditions, or there own personal preferences.

If you find you prefer the sound of an LCD TV, then I'd consider other brands from LG. There OLED TVs are good, but there LCD TVs do not compete with other manufacturers and for most people looking for a high end TV, are bad choices.

And in case you get confused with all the terminology, there's no such thing as an 'LED' TV. Only LCD and OLED. LED is an incorrect term used to describe an LCD TV with LED lights behind it, they are in fact just LCD TVs.

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