Argh, Netgear customer service.


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Does anyone have a UK contact for Netgear? Today i have endured the worst customer service call centre EVER.Trying to communicate with the call handler was the ultimate exercise in futility i have ever experienced, forty minutes of having to continually repeat myself and still not being understood.My wireless router has developed a defect, it's under warranty and I'm trying to get Netgear to repair or replace.All the call handler could do was ask what indicators were showing and tell my to download the latest firmware.... :rolleyes: He could not understand the router is defective...i'm open to ideas as that call left me exasperated.


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ah, i know this one too well, i had a problem with my netgear router and called them a few times.

completely useless don't come close! i tried to find a UK point of contact and gave up eventually. i returned mine to PC world where i bought it and they swaped it.

im presuming its a non retail purchase and can't be returned?


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I hit a catch-22 brick wall when tryimg to fix my wifi. Telewest refused to help me as I was trying to use their broadband via a wifi link and therefore share it to more tham one pc. They said I should speak to wifi supplier. Netgear refused to help saying, after a few steps, that the problem was with my modem setup which was to do with my isp. :suicide::rolleyes::mad:

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