Argh my BG808 died last night!


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Just when people were round for a film too!
Ended up dragging my 21" monitor downstairs - not quite the big-screen experience they were expecting.

It still powers on
Pressing channel 5 makes all the right noises. Noise-wise it goes all the way through all the familiar whines/static-y stuff.
But no picture. Not even the green 'no display' lettering.

It actually came on last night for a few seconds (showed the PC desktop) but then the picture just went blank.

I guess I'm not too surprised, it's been 2 years and 2 months since Roland installed it :rolleyes:

Any ideas?


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LED-wise, there's no red LEDs inside. All green.
On the cluster of LEDs the second to left one is off.
There is a RED LED on one of the boards until I turn on the PC, THen it goes out.

Roland @ B4

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Oh boy.
It sounds like the EHT died I'm afraid.
Have a look at the black card at the back of the projector it has white writing and is attched by two silver slot screws. There are two holes in the card. Can you see a red led inside?


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Arse - my eternal optimism said you were going to say it was nothing :)
I'll have a look at that card tonight. (maybe get my wife to do it when she's back this afternoon)

Thanks Roland
If it is the EHT - what's the damage?

Roland @ B4

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Alex because you bought the projector from me I'd like to take the "damage" bit off line.
But to help others if we can do the diagnostics here.


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No problem Roland
I've just relayed the instructions to Sara, so I'll hopefully be able to tell you about the EHT soon.


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Sara's just had a look.
There was indeed a red LED in there. (no source was attached - just in case that makes a difference).
She was 80% confident that she was looking at what you described :)


My BG808s just died the other day. Exactly the same symptoms as above, checked the cards (reseated, cleaned etc at same time), checked LEDs and it lights up like a christmas tree (like it always has), RGB input led on and making all the right 'noises'.

If we are talking a dead EHT, what sort of price would we be talking to replace it? And, are you planning any trips up NE way any time soon? Hoping you'll have some spares available and possibly diagnose fault properly?

Comes at the worst possible time as well, just about to sell all my HT gear as we are moving country... Oh well, s**t happens I guess :|

Roland @ B4

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Satman there are three things that could have failed, probably in this order.

1. The quadrupler (generates the 37K volts to drive the tubes) Alex's was replaced B4 I sold it to him. No real way of checking other than replacement.

2. The EHT control card (as described above)

3 The splitter ( splits the high voltage to all three tubes )

The EHT card has a fuse on it which sometimes just blows for the sake of it. Check that if you can.

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