ARGGHHH- Is There No Way Round This


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I need some urgent advice. I ordered my Sky+ mid January (Thanks CLIVEG) and agreed with Sky that I would pay the additional tenner and have the old digibox moved into the kids room for freeview.

I have just discovered after the Sky+ etc was installed on Sunday that I can no longer get a freeview card. Does this not mean Sky have mislead me? What comeback do I have or is my best and only option to sell my Standard digibox on EBay or AVForums?

I rang sky and they told me NO you missed the deadline but as they did not inform me cant I get some comeback?



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Did the Sky+ come with it's own card ? I though that lapsed Sky Digital cards reverted to FTV status thus your old one might work (?).



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No the engineer got my old card activated for the Sky+. I feel that Sky have mislead me :(


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SKY have never issued FTV cards directly so they could not supply you with one in any case.
The BBC used to arrange FTV cards and then a group of broadcasters reintroduced the FTV cards for a limited period late last year ending Jan 31st.

While the SKY CS might have been in a position to inform you of the deadline for aquiring a FTV card they can not be held responsible for a seperate organisation removing the supply on a pre advertised date.
The relocated digibox is still capable of receiving the BBC channels and the other FTA channels and if £10 is that big a deal then spend another couple of quid on the phone trying to get it back.


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No its not that big a deal it was the principle but I now understand that for the sake of a tenner its a lesson learned.

I still like my Sky+ though.

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