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Was wondering if anyone can help me out here please?

I am trying to find out if it is possible to purchase a legitimate CD soundtrack to Dario Argento's 1984 horror opus "Phenomena"?

The soundtrack was mainly composed by Claudio Simonetti (of "The Goblins" fame), but also had music from Bill Wyman, Motorhead and several other Heavy Metal bands on it.

Any help, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, in advance,


P.S. Where possible, please include track and/or artist listings. Cheers!

Rambo John J

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Track Listings
1. Phenomena
2. Jennifer
3. The Wind
4. Sleepwalking
5. Jennifer's Friends
6. Phenomena (Film Version 1)
7. Phenomena (Film Version 2)
8. Phenomena (Piano Solo-Film Version 3)
9. Sleepwalking (Alternate Version)
10. The Wind (Film Version Suite 1)
11. The Wind ("Insects"-Film Version Suite 2)
12. Jennifer's Friends (Alternate Version)
13. Jennifer (End Titles)
14. The Monster Child (Spfx Bonus Track 1)
15. Phenomena (Video Clip Version-Bonus Track 2)
16. Phenomena (Alternate Version-Bonus Track 3)

That's the OST that's available. It doesn't contain any of the source music though, just the Goblin stuff, but there's a CD of the Iron Maiden, Bill Wyman etc tracks available if you search for it. Although why you'd want it is beyond me except maybe for cheesy 80's nostalgia ;)
You can get it as an import at but I think it's actually Italian in origin


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Hi Rambo,

Thanks again, for your help. I did check Amazon as well, but I've found that they often list stuff as being available (with a 4-6 week delivery time) when actually, it's been deleted.

However, if you say that the Song Soundtrack (as opposed to the Goblin Music Score) is Italian in origin, I think I'll give it a go.

As for why I want both, it's because I actually quite liked the mix of weird 80's heavy metal, Bill WYman and Claudio Simonetti (akak one quarter of Goblin) music. Plus, my intention, once I've bought them both, is to make one back-up copy, comprising all of the music used properly in the movie, and leave off the Alternate Tracks or songs that aren't really part of the movie.

Anyway, thanks again!


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