Are you satisfied with Sony products/packaging ?


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Coming from a LG Oleds having the C8 and CX, this year i thought I'll go with Sony. Finally they were supporting HDMI 2.1 on their high end OLEDS and I always had a desire for one.
Kept my eye on the A90J and pulled the trigger for the 55".
All was well - i waited 1 month for it to arrive and when it did excitement quickly turned to disappointment.
Unboxing the product, the immediate thing that caught my eye is that the front of the TV is not that well protected.
Coming from other brands ex. Samsung and LG they have a plastic film all across the screen that in my opinion give me a lot more assurance then just an antistatic bag.
Sony just has 2 cm tape around the bezels which in my case left a sticky residue on the screen.
Also who the hell thinks sticking energy stickers and promo stickers directly on the screen ?
I saw a few unboxing of this tv and i could see that in the States is much more protected.

At first I thought nothing of it but afterwards when taking off the tape I wanted to clean the screen so i used my phone flash to make sure there was nothing left. And they there were - faint hairline scratches visible on the glass, in the middle of it ,on the right of the screen and some at the bottom. All of the in places where the tv did not have any film cover on it.
Not at all pleased so i returned the TV, got it exchanged, waited another 2 weeks and the second A90J comes in.
Same TV , same story - faint scratches visible under flash although this time there were less of them but still.

Now I know I can be nit picky but how can SONY charge a premium 2800-3000 Euros for this TV and not have the decency to pack it properly or stick a plastic film on their screens.
And it's not even the A90J. After researching unboxing of other products in their line-up none of them come well protected in terms of the screen. None of them have a film protector on the screen.

Not everyone will put a phone flash under the screen or go looking for blemishes or scratches but in this case i consider that Sony gives a real reason to actually do it because the presentation didn't gave me any thoughts that this tv is perfect.

Safe to say very poor experience of my first Sony tv but it will certainly be my last.

So what do you guys think ?
Are you satisfied with how everything went on your Sony TV ?
Should they pay more attention on how they package the products ?


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My 55XH9505 was very well protected with a cardboard and thin foam protective sheet on the screen, and the whole thing in a bag. Nothing stuck to the screen itself - the small tape fixings were essentially round the back, as were the energy labels.


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All my Sony televisions have been very well packaged, no stickers on the screen, no scratches at all, perfect, very happy and I always keep all the packaging/box in case I need it for a move/return/sale in the future.

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