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Are you honest about presents that you don't like?

Are you honest about gifts if you don't like/want them?

  • Yes always, honesty is the best policy

    Votes: 7 11.3%
  • No, how rude!

    Votes: 31 50.0%
  • Depends on the person...

    Votes: 24 38.7%

  • Total voters


Distinguished Member
Simple question, if you're given a present that you don't like, will you be honest about it?

I'm not talking about more distant relatives like cousins etc, but the immediate family/friends. The important gifts!


Distinguished Member
No. I don't want to hurt people's feelings on Xmas day when all they've done is made a mistake in thinking I would like it.

I wouldn't like someone to tell me point blank on Xmas day "I don't really like this".

If it's something of value I'd ask maybe a few days later if they still have the receipt for an exchange because the size/colour/whatever doesn't go.


Well-known Member
Yes with my husband, otherwise I keep getting similar which I still dont like, which is unfair on him really


Well-known Member
god no

its for this reason i hate opening presents, its always such a relief when its over, even if you get stuff you didnt want.


Distinguished Member
If it's a voucher they will definitely be told what I think, if it's a gift that's of no use and no thought has been put into it then they will be told what I think, if it's a gift that's no use but there's obvious thought then I wont say anything.


Distinguished Member
For most people, I'll bluff and say it's lovely, then wait an appopriate length of time before slinging it on ebay...

With the wife though I'm completely honest and she is with me. I'd rather know I got it wrong and have her change the present for something else than have her pretend it's great to protect my feelings. We never buy each other clothes unless it's a guaranteed winner as we just don't have the same taste in each other's clothes!

She's safe buying me any MMA related clothing and I wait for hints or clues before buying her stuff.


Distinguished Member
The only time I would say is if I was given permission too, if someone says I've brought you a jumper but I wasn't sure about the colour I've got the receipt here if you arn't keen please say so and you can go and swap it I won't mind. Then I would say if I wasn't keen though I'd still try to be tactful.

Other than that I wouldn't say though it's not really an issue I've had much.

Veni Vidi Vici

Well-known Member
Years ago an ex-girlfriend kept telling me what a great present she had bought me for xmas. She kept going on so much that I would really love it, the best present ever etc...etc.. I was really looking forward to opening it. When I did it was the most horrendous coat, for some reason she thought I would love it. I never had the heart to say I actually hated it because she spent a fortune on it. I didn't want to hurt her feelings.


Distinguished Member
A gift voucher they will be told what i think as it forces me to go to a shop and pay their over inflated prices, Normall i am always asked what i want though so never have a problem with unwanted presents. I always get a few little surpise presents but they are usually socks or chocolates so nothing to complain about.


Distinguished Member
I am always polite and don't say anything.

I don't tend to get crap presents these days since I made an Amazon wish list, it makes it easy for people to know what to get and I don't end up with something I don't like very often.


Well-known Member
I got a load of old carp last year and just smiled politely. Was very miffed as I'd gone out of my way to get things which were exactly what others had wanted.


Active Member
It depends more on the nature of the gift and not the person. I hate vouchers with gritting teeth and I can't stand people buying me clothes (in a Sheldon Cooper kind of way). I always ask for money, but whether I get it is a different story. I will always say something extremely sarcastic if I receive a voucher, despite assuring my family beforehand that vouchers are of absolutely no use to me. If it's something other than a voucher or clothes, I will keep quiet about my feelings if I don't like it.
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Distinguished Member
Simple question, if you're given a present that you don't like, will you be honest about it?

I'm not talking about more distant relatives like cousins etc, but the immediate family/friends. The important gifts!

Why? What ***** have you got me this year? :D


I just posted in on When Dr Phil asked me too send it to you, I've no idea what was in it :D


Active Member
yes,the missus gave me a t shirt for christmas last year,i told her it was crap and i wont probably wear it so i told her to return it back and with the money i brought some blu rays instead,so this year ive given her a list of blu rays that i wouldn't mind having,wether i get em is another thing:D

Steve McQueef

Distinguished Member
I've obliterated this problem,(and it was a problem, even to the point of telling my parents not to bring me back anything from their various holidays, as I already had a back room full of s***), as everyone has finally figured out that not only do I hate surprises, but that I'm near impossible to buy for, as I usually buy what I want, as soon as I can. Therefore, I've either to pick my own present(s), or get a cash handout. Both I'm extremely happy with,as it dispenses with having to return s*** on Boxing Day, like Billy Connolly DVDs,(I don't know how that person ever got that idea).

Regarding other people, I ask what they want. If they can't supply me with something, they get cash in a card. I don't do the whole "Oh gosh, wouldn't such and such love that!!" at Xmas. Balls to it.

That said, the girlfriend has bought me an Xbox game and something that she's being schtum about. She says I'll like it and she did manage to impress me on my birthday, so we'll see.
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Distinguished Member
Most of the time I already know what I'm going to be getting as the main pressy from close family as we all make lists. However there are usually a couple of little pressies that go with it that are sometimes a bit hit and miss.

I always behave decently and accept the present with good grace and cheer on the day. If I get something I most definitely cannot make use of (for example a shaving/bath/deo boxset, I can only use non-perfumed stuff) then I wait until a few weeks after and get mum to let the person know that I'm unable to use it as it irritates my skin a little and best to avoid bathroom products etc. That way they are not upset on the day, and also know that their gift was appreciated for its thought, they just wernt aware of something that they are now.

If the giift is simply something that I have not general use for, then I'll use and abuse it for a few days and either give it to someone else (not as a xmas gift, just give it to them) or sell it/give it to charity.


Active Member
It can depend on the person, but now I let them know beforehand especially if there is anything I really don't want.

What get to me is when people know I like classical music (or what ever it might be) and I say I have loads of Me to You bears and people should perhaps not buy me one of those (if they get me anything at all) as I most likely have got it already, (as I have so many how are they to know which I have or not) when it came to giving out presents a few years back, I got a Me To You bear, one I already had, everyone else got other really nice stuff, two people even got nice classical box sets with loads of different artists in. I said ooh they look nice, the person who gave me a gift said if I had known you liked classical music I might have got you one too. When I tell someone one of my favourite songs is Beethoven's 6th symphony, I think thats a big clue.

But you know what, really its the thought that counts and we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, yes I got a bear I already had, but so what, I actually like having things to open regardless of the content (obviously there are exceptions)..

I have made a point of letting everyone know NO Me to You bears, and when it comes to my hubby (again if they are nice enough to get him something) I usually (rather then hinting) just cut to the chase and say anything like an old airplane or space related is fine..

I think you do have to tell some people, other wise how do they know, and its not fair on them. They spend money hoping to get you something good, and its not, and then you end up being disappointed, for what?

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