are you happy ?


Damn I got Monsters Inc Yesterday and it has A Canadaian Flag on the back of packaging..totaly spoiled my viewing of the film .....but anyone ever actually happy with the DVD's they recieve..I note on another post bout multiregion DVD Players....We get Region 1 disks mainly coz the Region 2 disk are rubbish......does it really matter if it has some foreign writing on it..or its in a case you dont like..surely its the FILM that your mates come round and you have to hide all disks with French writing on them as you will be ridiculed...just an observation..not saying its right or wrong...but if you dont like region 1's from canada dont buy them...wait another few months for region 2 ..


Thanks neilo. I have been complaining about French writing for weeks and you are the only one that has come up with this very sensible solution.

I shall only buy Region 2 in future.


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Originally posted by wurzel

I shall only buy Region 2 in future.

Not from France though eh!;)


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You are so correct.

The absence of french writing on cases is well worth the extra wait for an R2 release, the extra price (cause its R2), the lack of Extras because of the extra language soundtracks, the lack of DTS because of the extra language soundtracks etc etc etc...



Think I'll stick with the French writing on the case.



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i cant see what the big deals is either about the french writing on the box so what you buy from a foreign country you expect it.when in rome etc besides it makes it look like you have a huge archive of arty french movies lol.when in fact all you have is action no brainers the girls love that arty ****e lmao if you hate them that much dont buy BUT STOP MOANING:devil:


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Happy with mine.
In fact, I'm quite looking forward to getting wasted & watching Monsters Inc. dubbed into french -should be hilarious. Far more amusing than the 'sound-effects only' track on the US version:D

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So what, I really could not care less is the case has some french writing on it. I like buy weird andwonderful DVD's from all over the world.


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read What hi-Fi this month that Monsters Inc R2 has a DTS-ES soundtrack....?!?!?! Can anybody with the R2 release confirm/deny this?

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