Are you Google free?


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Do you use google products and is the amount of information they collect about you a concern?


If it was just Google then I might consider not using them, but considering that everyone from NSA to Tesco's is watching what we do, then I am not entirely bothered.


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Yes, I use Google stuff.
Think they are a great company.

Google Earth is Amazing, and do you think any other company. Microsoft, Apple etc would ever have made Google Earth?

And no, tbh not really bothered if they know I'm looking for a fridge freezer, my can insurance is due and I take size 34 waist.

Enough official people probably have every single fact on me in secret organisations.


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Thanks for the replies so far.
Currently i have 2x gmail email accounts a youtube account which forces a google+ and i also use google search - with google's ever expanding empire web, social network, mobile, tv its starting to leaves me somewhat uneasy with the amount of data they are mining - It reminds me of a quote from that movie Wall Street where one banker asks another banker how much is enough? to which the banker being asked the question replies 'more'




If I use my brother in laws MAC and use google I always make sure that I look for loads of dating sites before I leave..... That way his boyfriends thinks he's gone straight when he sees the targeted advertising!!

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