Are you addicted to the net/forums?


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A post in the New Years resolutions thread made me start this, plus I had been thinking about it for a while anyway.

I would be on the net most days. Apart from the likes of football sites, BBC News, online banking etc, I read a total of 5 forums, and have found that you could spend hours on them all, as something always changes on them by the time you work your way back round to them again.

I had cause to have no internet at home for approx 2 months earlier in the year, and at first I really thought I was missing something cos I wasn't online. After about a week, I realised I wasn't, considering most of the threads on forums are totally pointless.

Was I missing something because I didn't know what some stranger who I'll never meet had for dinner, what another stranger should do with their partner, what another should do with their dogs, should another get their baby's ears pierced, whats the best snack for beer? I could go on.

Don't get me wrong, forums can be places where you can get that answer or advice you really need. It might be a financial question, a work question, a plumbing question, anything. And many are a source of great knowledge, as the internet generally can be.

So next year I'm going to pop into my forums a lot less regularly, and only post if I have something to say that may be of help. No more meaningless replies or telling people how I like my steak! And I will only buy stuff when I need it, not because its on HotUKDeals.

So hello 2012, goodbye wasted time. Getting too old (and grumpy) to do that.


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Well i find this forum absolutely indispensible and has been my home page over a decade (had a different user name initially)

I also peruse DVDForums and Efukt.


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Bloody hell, I actually read that to the end :(

**** off if you don't like it.
But I suspect you won't be able to leave it RMCF :)


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I guess that like me RMCF has realised how much time the web can take up, so like him I'm trying to cut it down a bit this year. No need for abrupt replies, I'm sure we'll both 'dip in' every now and then, just needs to be a bit less than last year in my case.

I only came on today as I had an email to inform me of a PM and I've just spent 15 minutes replying and posting on here...see where the time goes.

Happy New Year guys anyway. :)


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Of course I will dip in here occasionally. I have been a member for 12yrs, hardly just going to stop visiting it.

KelvinS summed up my thoughts probably better than me, that I found that I could spend hours reading forums, when I could perhaps be doing something more useful.

Of course I find the site useful at times. I have been helped out many many times, and probably will again in the future, but all I was saying was that I need to limit my forum reading and not waste my life replying to things, that aren't in the great scheme of things, that important.


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Yep, guilty as charged,

I check AVF alongside my other regular sites (New York Times, Facebook, twitter, The Verge an Engadget) several times a day be it on my desktop or my laptop or right now using my mobile!

In short: "Hello I am dc8900 and I have an Internet addiction problem"


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Certainly not addicted, but I do find myself contributing to threads that I probably shouldn't.

Just strikes me that there's a lot of stuff that people post because they can, rather than because anyone else would be interested. I do it myself, you think "Oh, I can say something about that", so you do, but probably no-one cares :D


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Not addicted in the sense that i'd suffer withdrawal if I didn't have 'the internet' but during winter especially I spend alot of time online, so I would need to find something else to occupy my time...

For example, I had elaborated, but have just deleted an entire paragraph because I can't be bothered with people misunderstanding my point and asking me to clarify, or rather not asking, and assuming I meant the worst.


yeah i seem to be on the net a lot more during the winter periods, but i think ill have a cooling off period on weekends :) avoid the net altogether :)


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Aye, I'm an addict. I confess I must get a technology fix every day.

There is currently no help available, unless you get the flu. Then you really can't be arsed with anything to do with tech.:D

la gran siete

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The internet is my lifeblood.
in a word , yes, but its a bit sad really.Have had to learn to moderate my use of.The worst time was when i was using Second Life and became well and truly hooked on it for well over a year:rolleyes:The problem with it is that the normal boundaries that one applies in Real life just seem to dissolve there and one finds oneself getting involved with people one really shouldnt and in the process opening up about things best left unsaid.Its all very transitory as well as in here today gone tomorrow.I know some people get something out of it like making virtual stuff , playing listening to music there, but it does attract its fair share of strange people like a guy who claimed he was in love with his wheel chair bound father.Even if its not true its a sick admission; a perverse kind of attention seeking designed to wind people up.
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im addicted... i check the forum like 300 times a day if im at home :blush:

la gran siete

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im addicted... i check the forum like 300 times a day if im at home :blush:
I know I am in trouble if my other half starts having a go at me:rolleyes:"you're on there all the time", "Yes but you keep watching crap tv like East enders , dear, which kind of drives me to the next room"


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I'm an addict, but I'm making a point of doing something about it.

a) I'm only buying Blurays that i would watch again - sounds obvious enough but I (and I suspect many) bought Blurays (and before DVDs) that I just *liked*, and discovered (or rather my wife pointed out) that I wasn't watching about 95% of them. So I now don't need to be here as much because I mainly go to the Bargains, Classifieds or Film Discussion sections.

b) I am convincing myself that the world won't end if I'm not checking the forums. Good old infomania. I will destroy you!

c) My blackberry is only for work. I used to use it for anything (work gave me a free reign with it as "payment" for being on call). Now I don't.

Greg Hook

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Even when on holiday, I can't recall a day for many years where I haven't been on the internet. Maybe before my iPhone if the internet was out at home I wouldn't have access.

I only really visit these forums.


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Mr Noble

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I would not say i'm addicted to the internet as i choose when i go on it :D, but it has become a major part of my life.

I check various sites daily for pm's / messages etc.

i visit here daily even though sometimes i don't need to but it has a lot of resources on AVF and there's parts i've not ventured to yet... one day i may need to :rotfl:

there's only 6 or so sites that i frequently look at on the web, the rest i usually do so reading up on history or news from other countries when i get bored :smashin:


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I find it strange that RMCF starts a thread about not posting any more :confused: :D
But you see Signs, that was my point. I am a very regular poster on here, and I wasn't happy with myself for doing it so much, hence the reason why I intend to slow down.

I have only checked back to this site via links from my Hotmail account. I have stopped my following of all threads bar this one, and that will soon end too.

As I mentioned above, of course I will continue to check in, but I will get selective about replying too much. I will pop in for 10mins once a day instead of 30mins twice or three times per day. I will be more selective about starting threads too (this one excluded of course, but I just wanted to see if anyone else felt the same as I did about forums).

BT Bob

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Like RMCF, I dip into 4-5 forums most days (plus FB, Twitter & LinkedIn).

Ironically, this one - and General Chat in particular - is by far the worst!!!!!

It covers such a huge range of topics which is really good, and really bad at the same time. Can't get enough :(


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I would have too much free time if I stopped internetting.

Also Mrs Craig would hate me, as I'd be constantly hogging the tv.


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Hi, me popping in again.

I got to thinking how we would spend our free time if there was no internet?

Watch TV and read more would probably be my answers.

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