Question Are Wifi Wireless Speaker setups worth it?


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Been to Curry's and Richer Sounds and it seems like the only options are Bluesound and Sonos. Currently leaning towards Bluesound for playing higher resolution audio. Any advice? Trying to pick before sales come.


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Personally I wouldn't rely on Currys for advice on anything, although you may be luckier than I am with the staff.

Although Sonos was one of the first, I think quite a few other brands now have options available that can be used to create multi-room wireless audio setups. And there are also some DIY options if you're willing to get friendly with a raspberry pi.

Can you give a bit more detail on what kit you currently have, what you want to achieve and (hate to say it) a rough budget.

To begin with though, take a look at:

Yamaha's musicast: Yamaha MusicCast Multiroom System Review

Google's "Chromecast built in" (as the standalone Chromecast audio is now discontinued): Chromecast built-in - Audio

If you're already committed to the "iThings" Apple's airplay could be an option too.

There are lots more too.


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Hey thanks for the quick response!
Totally agree with my Curry's experience.

I have a KD65ZD9 TV I don't trust relying on bluetooth as it can't even synch to headphones. Looking at Wifi for Hi resolution audio. Maybe an optical cable into a reciever. (better if also a speaker) Everything hdmi into the TV. PC, PS4, (eventually PS5 so want to future proof a bit)

For now I am aiming at spending £1000 but would likely go over. If there's a big black Friday discount applied to make it worthwhile.

Personally not a fan of Apple products so would likely steer clear of them.


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Few more questions if I can:
- How many rooms are you looking to serve initially?
- Do you have existing speakers that you'd be happy to adapt with an amp or an amp you'd be happy to input to with an adapter?
- Would you be hoping for a 5.1 TV setup or an alternative like 2.1 or soundbar and rear speakers.

I'm not really an audiophile, so I can't really discern the difference between anything but the most basic quality audio systems/files. I'd suggest auditioning as much as possible to see where you fall on the scale.

Once you're happy with how picky you need to be, one option would be an inital setup of a compatible av receiver/amplifier and normal stereo speakers. Putting the full budget into this would give you the most quality for your budget, and allow expansion with more compatible speakers later. This is probably the approach that would make playing Hi Res audio worthwhile.

Sacrificing some speaker quality would allow additional speakers (standalone or in TV setup) and/or sub to be added. Going for a soundbar based setup under the TV would possibly allow you to serve multiple rooms with smaller standalone speakers, but you'd lose some of the quality (although I probably wouldn't be able to discern the difference).


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Looking at high quality with 5.1 minimum just for main room. I would have got the Nakamichi Shockwafe ultra 9.2.4 but it would mean getting delivered from US which showed around $200 just for delivery..


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Wow, that's a... I'm not even sure what to make of that system. I'd be inclined to go for a more "traditional" 5.1 system, as I find it difficult to believe you could get a quality 9.2.4 system for that price (I might be wrong).

I'd look at basing the system around something like a Yamaha 585 (approx £350) or 685 (approx £440) av receiver and put the remaining budget into a 5.1 bundle (E.g. Qacoustic 3010i 5.1 for about £650). You can probably get a bundle discount if you buy together.

This gets you a credible 5.1 for home cinema and a system that can do wireless audio via musicast. These are common enough products that you should be able to audition them in your local richer sounds. You'd also need to confirm compatibility with your source of high Res audio files.

All just my opinion as a novice in the field, mostly repeating guidance I've picked up elsewhere on this forum, but hope that's enough to get you started.
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