Are we fed up with movie sequals?


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I read today that Die Hard 4 has been confirmed.
After the announcement a few months ago of Alien 5, Starship Troopers 2 (Which I am looking forward too), are we a bit fed up?:mad:


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Stop the sequels!!!!! or at least just make the one


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nah, comics dont count.

I do want Indy 4 though :)

Rambo John J

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it'd be ok if they could work out how to make a decent sequel... there's a handful but they're few and far between. Most of it's all down to product recognition in the marketplace and that it's easier to sell something to a punter if they've heard of it than if it's an unknown commodity... which makes me sounds like some kind of business studies student:blush: :lesson:


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Bad sequels tend to give the original a bad name

Greg Hook

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AFAIK The only way Bruce Willis agreed to do Die Hard 4 was becuase whatever studio makes the Die Hard films green lit one of his dodgy personal projects.

Also isn't Starship Troopers 2 already out as straight to video dross?

Personally can't wait for X3, Indy 4
and also Alien 5 if the rumours are to be believed.


Originally posted by eviljohn2
Do comic book films count? I can't wait for X3 :)
So am I :smoke: :cool: and Spider-Man 2


Bruce Willis needs Die Hard 4, he hasn't had a huge hit in years and The Whole Ten Yards has flopped badly in America and hey guess what its a sequel :)

The interesting thing is Tears of the Sun was supposed to have been written as Die Hard 4 but was changed when the actor declined to do it, i liked Tears of the Sun but it came out at the wrong time and flopped badly as people didnt want to go see a war movie when the Iraq conflict was ongoing.

Rambo John J

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Originally posted by FoxyMulder

i liked Tears of the Sun but it came out at the wrong time and flopped badly as people didnt want to go see a war movie when the Iraq conflict was ongoing.
I liked it too.
A bit like Behind Enemy Lines... but in the jungle.:thumbsup:


Originally posted by Rambo John J
I preferred the 2nd movie to both the others.
Same with Die Hard.

Yes... I have no taste whatsoever:D
Well, what ever flicks your switch i suppose:smashin:


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Originally posted by GregHook

Personally can't wait for X3, Indy 4
and also Alien 5 if the rumours are to be believed.
Personally I couldn't wait for Alien3 and Ressurection at the time but look how sh:censored: e they turned out to be IMO.

Change of thread maybe.. whats the BEST sequal.

Empire Strikes Back
Superman 2

All get my vote:thumbsup:


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I don't mind seeing sequels so long as I'm interested in the film series (e.g. Star Wars), or if they turn out to be quite good.

I'm not keen on the idea of Die Hard 4. Die Hard 3 was enough I think.

The first 2 Alien films I enjoyed, something which can't be said for the latter two. Not sure what they can do in a fifth one. More background on the Alien creature perhaps?

Of course, I'd like to see more 'new' films that aren't sequels. Hollywood is awash with sequels that make no effort to maintain the standards set by the original. In particular, I'm not a fan of sequels to comedies.

Best sequels:

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (best Star Wars)
Superman 2 (best Superman)
Toy Story 2 (better than original)
X-Men 2 (better than original and best comic book adaptation)
Aliens (solid action film and offers a nice contrast to the original)
Die Hard 2 (I actually prefer this to the original)

Sequels I'd really like to see:

Spiderman 2
X-Men 3
Star Wars: Episode 3 (I still have hope although it fades when I watch Episodes 1 and 2)
Batman Begins (not really a sequel, more of a new beginning and a welcome one at that)


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can't agree on Die hard 2 and Aliens, i only liked the original
Die Hard and same with Alien, none of the sequels came close
to the atmosphere of the first one.
Most sequels just give you the same thing on a larger scale
which imho does not always have to be bad.
I enjoyed for example Tomb Raider and the sequel, not because they are good films, but i knew what i whould get and wasn't disappointed at all.

BATMAN looks really interesting, regarding that the comic book it's based on, BATMAN the first year is really one of the best ones and
it should be a welcome step back towards the dark Tim Burton
movies after the two really awful Batman 3 and 4.

anyways all a question of personal taste, i sometimes can't get enough of the same, best example being the whole James Bond


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I can't stand sequels that blatantly ignore rules and facts set up in the original.

1: The Highlander sequals.
2: T3


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I have no problem with sequals, as long as they have something interesting to contribute and that there is further plot and charactor development. Hollywood has been quick to capitalise on a success. Don't forget Son Of Kong and all the universal horror franchise.

Mad Max 2 was a excellent example of sequal maintaining standards. Psycho2 was an quality follow up 20 years later.


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Originally posted by GregHook

Also isn't Starship Troopers 2 already out as straight to video dross?
So was the first one mate.


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I swear every other film has a sequel these days, the only sequel I really want is Beetlejuice :)


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I try not to look at any film as a sequel and just judge on its merits. Lets face it; the good/bad film ratio will always be 10%/10% with the other 80% wallowing in mediocrity.


Favorite Sequels: (ie, I prefer them to the originals)
Evil Dead II
Bride of Frankenstein
Return of the Killer Tomatoes
Empire Strikes Back
LOTR: Return of the King
Friday the 13th: Part 3

Can't agree with Die Hard II. I loved Die Hard and absolutely hated the sequel. Not sure why, but I think it had something to do with blowing up a plane in midair. (if you remember the shot, you know what I'm talking about) I enjoyed III though.

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