Are USB connectors standard?


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I have just bought an iRiver H340. It can be charged using a USB connector. I also have a Garmin Etrex GPS, which came with an in car power supply with exactly the same USB connector.

My question is: can I use this to charge my iRiver? The voltage is the same (5V) for both, and I would assume USB connectors use a standard protocol so polarity wouldn't be a problem, but wondered whether anyone out there knew for sure?


I've never had a problem switching and swapping between a variety of proprietry USB cables, so I imagine they are standard.


yeah, if the voltage is the same, it should be no problem. especially if its the "exactly the same".


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Well I've tried it, and it hasn't fried my DAP! The bad news is that it thinks it's connected to a computer so switches to dumb external hard drive mode and so I can't play it. Still, it's always useful to have an alternative method of charging the battery.

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