are u dlp sensitive ?


I have seen this article before and to be honest it is really a sales ploy by ausmedia who are quite anti DLP and Pro 3LCD.

The images are simply those images you find on the net that make your brain think your seeing something else. its the only way you can hint at what DLP rainbows are because you cant visually show them to others via electronic media but it is also misleading at the same time.

IMO the real truth is in viewing DLP yourself.



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Thats a load of BS! You want to know if your "DLP" sensitive? Go view a DLP, its a simple as that.


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Still a good post though! Check out the AE700 vs AE900 review, it's quite interesting. There final conclusion seems to be that you can't really tell the difference!!

Timmy C

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Intersesting stuff. It made me feel a bit sick and I saw all sorts of weird movement. Doesn't change the fact that I've had a DLP for two years and watch a few fims a week and to this day I don't think I've seen any rainbows!


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but the bigget problem with DLP's isn't rainbows , it's motion dithering.

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