Are these the best PX70 deals around?


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After months of dithering, decided on the panny, not sure whether to go for 37 or 42. Started looking for best deals, so far best i've found is empire direct, which has the 37CAB for £1k inc 3 yr warranty, or the 42CAB for £1119 inc 3 yr warranty.

You guys seem to all know what you're talking about, so do you think;

a) I need a 3 year warranty rather than the normal 1 year? Can probably get the TV's cheaper but thought worth goin with empire for the 3 yr warranty?

b) 42" would be too big for my lounge, if i'm sitting about 4 metres from it? Cant decide between 37 & 42!

c) basically, can I get a better deal anywhere?

Cheers guys, appreciate your time for a newcomer


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42 inches is not that big. It may seem big but it is not & watching at a distance of 4 metres for a set of that size is nothing.

The 42PX70 has a 106cm diagonal screen size.

The overall dimensions of the the TV set aren't that great either - 102cm wide and 68cm high for the screen only. No side-speakers which therefore reduces the overall width by a good 23cm or so.


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I agree go for 42", it's surprising how quickly you get used to the screen size once it's in the home.


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I was all set on a 50PX70. However I saw both a pan 50PX60 and pio 507xd yesterday in two different shops and the pio just seemed to look like it was in a different league (picture quality) - even the missus thought so.

Not sure what to do now as the 50PX70 is going to have some serious improvement over the 50PX60 for me the buy it. Else I will just dig deeper and the buy the PIO!


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Getting john lewis to pricematch would be the best deal possible as you'd get a low price and a 5 year warranty, but other than that you should also check out who seem to have good prices. JL matching MRM's price without without the added warranty (jl add the 5 year warranty for free) would be better though.

£899 for the screen only
£99 for the pedestal/£299 for the stand
5 year warranty.


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With a 4m viewing distance, you really should consider opting for the 50", which pushes the budget a bit more, but you get a proper* HD resolution panel.
Do you need the CAB version? You could spend the same on the panel only and a nice stand from Alphason.
You could spend less and buy the PED version and a bench style stand from Argos or similar.
Save even more and mount it on the wall?

I wouldn't fixate on the extended warranty - the Sale of Goods Act provides all the warranty you need.
Be wary of buying from ED as at least 2 members have had major problems with them.

* - proper in the sense that a 1280x720 signal is scaled to 1366x768, instead of 1024x768, which loses some horizontal info.

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