Are these speakers any good?


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I have some Sony HT 598 speakers and wondered wether these were any good? I am buying an onkyo 605 and don't know much about the speakers I own and wether they are powerful enough I was contemplating getting a new set but if I do that and they are not much better than my existing set they will be a waste of money I'm not wanting to spend hundreds of pounds on a new set either as I am skint, and wondered if anyone had any of these ht 598 and knew more about the spec


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I found this link:

They look like a good starter 6.0 system and should work fine with your amp. They won't produce much bass being such small drivers, but they will see you into the world of surround sound just fine.

Adding a small sub will make a huge difference tho'. :smashin:

A new set such as the Monitor Audio BR2 5.1 setup should blow the Sony's out of the water, but they do cost over £700. I suspect your setup should compete well with something like the cheaper Kef Eggs.

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