Are there really so many different versions of Toshiba 32inch TVs?


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I am about to replace what was my first Smart TV with a new one, most probably a Toshiba 32 inch. My problem is I have encountered something like a dozen 'different' versions (Series). If they are genuinely 'different' how do I choose, and in particular avoid buying the wrong one on the basis of features I am expecting from the details in adverts / specifications lists / reviews? I am mostly interested in the issue of CONNECTIVITY --- I don't want less than I already have --- and have been confused by what I have read, for example some say it does not have Scart, others that it does. Scart is not essential (as long as there are other ways to connect a Recorder) but Ethernet, USB, HDMI are among the things which are, and Bluetooth could be a bonus. I was alerted to this problem by the specifications in Amazon which only list HDMI, and the Amazon reviews which contradict one another regarding other connections. Or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill?


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The manufacturer currently licencing the Toshiba brand for TVs is a company called Vestel who dominate the budget market and make a lot of models for other brands. It's not at all hard to believe they've got a very modular setup, able to add and remove features to suit their clients requirements.

Producing lots of variants for their own models wouldn't be difficult and you've got all of the additional variants for the other brands they own too (Finlux, Celcius, Digihome, Luxor etc.), although I believe they're the cheaper models than the Toshiba-branded ones.

TVs with the same model number will be identical. There are some shops out there that can be pretty poor with product listings such as Amazon that may omit features. Also, Amazon has a bad habit of updating listings with new versions but keeping the reviews for the old so reviews don't always reflect the exact product you're looking at.

The Toshiba TV website lists three different 32" models and there are often some stock of older models knocking around. This time of year often sees new releases too, so it's also possible there are some brand new models that haven't made the website yet.


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Thanks for your informative reply. I have seen references to VESTAL ---- now I know what it is. The TV I am having to replace is a DigiHome which I have been happy with but it has broken down for the second time so I have decided the money I would have spent on a second repair is better spent towards a new TV.

My recent experience confirms what you say about Amazon. Their incomplete information is surely doing a disservice both to customers and suppliers.

I have chosen the Toshiba and plan to get it from Currys PC. Their price and website seem fairly good, though I have a frustrating few hours trying to contact them by their CHAT service for some advice. Their ChatNow button was no use and their phone service menu didn't work either. I have copied what follows from their Site and shows much of the info I am seeking, unlike other sites (including Toshiba's own)

Colour: - TV: Black; - Stand: Silver
Bluetooth: Yes
Ethernet: Yes
WiFi: Built-in WiFi
Connections: - HDMI 1.4 x 3; - Component input x 1; - USB 2.0 x 2
Audio output: - 3.5 mm jack ; - Optical x 1; - Coaxial x 1
Bezel width: 5 mm
Screen size: 32"
Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080p
Screen technology: LED backlit
Smart platform: Linux
Other smart features: Works with Amazon Alexa
Screen mirroring: Yes
Smart TV services: - Catch up TV: BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, UKTV Play; - Streaming: Netflix, Prime Video; - Custom homepage; - Full internet browser; - Social


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Another thing to bear in mind is that large retailers can often negotiate an "exclusive" model. This is likely virtually identical to a standard model but prevents the consumer from comparing prices, because no one else will have the exact same model number.


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Thanks, I will bear that in mind in future. I now have the Toshiba TV and am setting it up -- slowly, some things are difficult but so far am impressed by the Smart features.

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