Are there benefits of terminating speaker cable

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Have just brought a pair of surround rears and a centre and I am in the process of wiring them up. The cable to be used is either Supra biwire or QED SA biwire. The question is will there be an improvement in sound if i splash out on either banana plugs or QED airlocs. Any personnal experiences out there. Dont really want to spend between 3 and 5 pounds per plug (18 plugs) only to find I end up cutting them of.

Any help really appreciated



stops performance becoming worse by helping stop oxidisation
and gives a better (more positive) connection
Airloc plugs from QED are worth a look even though they cost more as they give a much better connection between wire and plug (read about it on and will help further with prevention of oxidising.


The real advantage of banana plugs has really got nothing to do with performance. The reason I and I believe many others use them is for convenience as pushing a banana plug into a socket is a lot easier than connecting bare wire to a binding post, especially in the tight space on the back of my 3802. If you are the type of person that is always 'tinkering' with your system then these plugs can be a big help.
As mentioned above bare wire does oxadise in the air which then puts a barrier between the binding post and the cable, therefore reducing the contact and ultimately the quality. The down side of banana plugs is that a plug is another connection in the chain which can also reduce quality.
If you believe that you will connect the speaker cable and never need to move anything then there really is IMHO no need to use any type of plugs. But then again when has anything gone according to plan in this so called hobby. I think just about every decision I've made in AV has been reversed/revised and normally in a very short period of time.


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